Lamley Daily: Mira SEAT 1200 Sport

The day I picked it up, on the waterfront in Barcelona

Model: Mira SEAT 1200 Sport

Release: Mira toys, 1980s

eBay link: if you don’t find this 1200 you may find something else that takes your fancy!

Why I am featuring it: This was one of my diecast treasures discovered when I visited a flea market in Barcelona, so for me it has memories attached. I scour local sales and markets when I go abroad for unique diecast souvenirs of my trip, or for future restoration/modification. I found this on a battered table amongst porcelain teapots and I loved the colour, the patina and the fact it’s a Spanish made diecast of a Spanish car… a perfect souvenir. Originally I planned to restore it but I feel it’s earned the wear and tear. On my return home I gently cleaned it up and left it. And it’s all the better for that I think.

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  1. I’m a big fan of leaving “beaters” in the condition they were acquired in by the collector. They tell a story. They’ve been “tested” by a real kid. And are still original (probably). This is indeed a nice souvenir of your travels. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Finding toy cars during one’s travels is one of my favorite methods to add to the collection. You are right, just preserve them, don’t restore them unless they are complete wrecks. The best part is that each time you see these toy cars in your collection, it takes you right back to the time and place where they were found.

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