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Lamley Daily: Mira SEAT 1200 Sport

Model: Mira SEAT 1200 Sport Release: Mira toys, 1980s eBay link: if you don’t find this 1200 you may find something else that takes your fancy! Why I am featuring it: This was one of my diecast treasures discovered when I visited a flea market in Barcelona, so for me it has memories attached. I […]

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Lamley Daily: Mira Mercedes 450 SEL

Model: Mira Mercedes 450 SEL, casting no. R136, made in Spain Line: Mira’s standard release line, year unknown Where to get it: I got mine through eBay Why it is in my collection: I cam across this casting randomly one night on eBay while searching for a hard-to-find Pilen brand car. Mira was a brand […]

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