Pick up a pickup: Jackiekim Toyota Hilux

One of the best representations of the Hilux I have seen in recent years.

Collection Update: A TLV, a Chinese oddity and a Soviet saloon.

The mail call is a bit more of a rarity these days in my household. Bills, mortgage, food. Day to day life means the diecast collecting (especially for the more expensive brands) is sporadic at the very best. But sometimes I have a little bit left over to treat myself and given Tomica just released one of my favourite Kei trucks of all time, I decided now was a good time.

Lamley Single File: Welly Polish Series part 2 – FSO Syrena 105

When the Lamley team discussed the new Single File series introduced by David Kiley, John joked that myself and fellow contributor Graham Heeps would be all over it, given our rather unique collections. And he was right, this feature is a great opportunity to present to you some truly obscure things. My kind of place entirely then!

From Russia with love – Autogrand and Welly’s Russian Series

(Autogrand on ebay) This post, like my earlier write up on the fantastic line up from Grell, will introduce you to another series of interesting diecasts from the former Eastern Bloc. This time we're visiting Russia with Autogrand Russian Series and the sister line from Welly of the same name. This Autogrand series is one …