Lamley Daily : Greenlight Barrett Jackson Ford GT 2017

Model : Ford GT 2017

Release : Greenlight Barrett Jackson 2017 Hobby Hobby Hobby Exclusive, in liquid blue

Ebay link: Greenlight 2017 Ford GT

Why it is in the collection : this is by far the best Ford GT version of the market (I’m writing these lines in march 2020).

This is maybe just the best Greenlight ever produced. This is the first time I obersve brake disks and calipers on a Greenlight. The color is very close to the original liquid blue, and this is by far the best color combination with white stripes you can have, in my opinion (unless they do a Shmee version).

Engine is painted and detailed, front and tail lights are separate pieces, and the “arch” at the rear is “seeing through”. Whoa.

The only criticism is the lack of mirrors. I highly suggest Greenlight to have a look at the latest Mini GT releases with their smooth mirrors, clearly doing the job.

As always with Greenlight, many versions have been done, but if you just had to have one, take this Barrett Jackson (find one on eBay).

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  1. Greenlight is often hinky with the details, but this model lands in a very good place for those of us into quality castings. Definitely worth pursuing.

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