Lamley Daily: Schuco Volkswagen T1 van “VW-Kundendienst” (and a guest)

Model: Schuco Volkswagen T1 Van & M2 Volkswagen T1 tow truck.

Line: Schuco mainline and M2 Auto Thentics.

eBay link: Schuco VW T1 (and for UK customers after the Schuco van go to Modelmatic.)

Why I am featuring it: I’ve got a big soft spot for air cooled VWs. A few of my close friends own/have owned Beetles and Campers/Vans of various specs and ages, and I often go with them to Volkswagen shows in the summer where my favourite cars to gawp at are always the T1s and T2s as well as the early Beetles (the earlier the better!) Modelmatic restocked on Schuco recently and this was one I just had to have. The VW service livery with the famous stick man is super cool.

In the flesh it’s a treat, I yap on about Schuco quality in every post I mention them in but it really is superb. And this thing is impressively weighty for a small diecast. The livery is gorgeous and the paint and decal finish are excellent. It’s a doozy.

The only criticism I have of this is that it’s ever so slightly misshapen at the front, an affliction that affects the Matchbox Volkswagen T1 as well. The nose appears a little squished and flattened, and to show you what I mean I thought I’d bring out another VW Service vehicle in 1/64: the M2 T1 tow truck.

The VW set released by M2 pretty much destroyed the internet for a bit, and the double cab tow truck was for sure the pick of a great set, and it’s easy to see why. Like the Schuco, a combination of the classic livery, great details and quality finish make for a fantastic model.

And here’s what I mean regarding the cab shape. I hope it’s clear enough in this picture as it’s hard to capture what I am talking about, but the M2 has a more evenly rounded front whereas the Schuco is more angled and flatter.

Put together they look great.

If you’re a Volkswagen fan, you definitely need both of these in your collection. The working liveries are great. If you haven’t had a look at Schuco yet, do so, and invest in one of the T1 vans especially in this colourway. The same goes for the M2 version. If you can only find one of the five in the set make it the tow truck. You won’t regret it.

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  1. I totally agree with you! The Schuco is a bit flat! That’s why I don’t have one sadly. For once M2 is better.

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