Unboxing: Hot Wheels 2020 US H Case

If I’m honest, the last couple of Hot Wheels cases have had their share of good models, but not as many as we are used to.

H Case makes up for it.

A tremendous Super, and equally great basic counterpart, and some fantastic new models. And of course a Momo Datsun Wagon to keep us hypemasters happy.

Thanks to A&J Toys for sending. Enjoy the video.

3 Replies to “Unboxing: Hot Wheels 2020 US H Case”

  1. the first TMNT Party wagon missing red circle for new for 2020 model , 2nd one had red circle new for 2020 model , card variation ??

  2. A great case to be sure, but can I trust this is what will hit retail as H case? These case assortments have been so bizarre this year with a mishmash of models. This particular case contains 53 different models. Shouldn’t there basically be 2 of each model in a case? That makes for a lot of models that are only 1 each in a case. I’ve also been noticing many models showing up in 3, sometimes 4 waves. Shouldn’t they only appear in 2 waves/cases and be done?

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