Doomus RLC’s 10 and 10 of 2021!

Doomus RLC lists off his 10 favorite 2021 releases, as well as his 10 favorite adds through the year!

M2 Machines unveil the brand new Auto-Japan line.

We've all known it is coming.  M2 Machines finally gave us our first look at what will surely by one of the most anticipated releases of 2017: Honestly, it is a beautiful line, and it SCREAMS of M2.  Both stock and custom, and every model sporting that automotive purity (is that a term?) that …

The M2 Machines VW Double Cab Camper is insanely cool. Here is how M2 Designer Sean Taylor made it happen.

A few months ago M2 caused quite the stir with their VW Double Cabs.  6 models, all different, all based on the '59/'60 Double Cab Pickup.  In typical M2 fashion, the models were highly detailed, but the styles and looks of each represented a different element of the car world, from stock to aftermarket.