M2 Machines unveil the brand new Auto-Japan line.

We've all known it is coming.  M2 Machines finally gave us our first look at what will surely by one of the most anticipated releases of 2017: https://www.instagram.com/p/BVFhBdgBNH0/?taken-by=m2machines Honestly, it is a beautiful line, and it SCREAMS of M2.  Both stock and custom, and every model sporting that automotive purity (is that a term?) that …

The M2 Machines VW Double Cab Camper is insanely cool. Here is how M2 Designer Sean Taylor made it happen.

A few months ago M2 caused quite the stir with their VW Double Cabs.  6 models, all different, all based on the '59/'60 Double Cab Pickup.  In typical M2 fashion, the models were highly detailed, but the styles and looks of each represented a different element of the car world, from stock to aftermarket. https://youtu.be/m0zpDYzXs4M