Lamley Daily: 2018 Matchbox BMW i8

#lamleydaily – May 2, 2018


Model: Matchbox BMW i8

Line: 2018 Matchbox Mainline

Where to get it: Hitting stores this summer.

Why it will be in the collection: Here is the (essentially) finished Matchbox BMW i8.  Somewhat expected after the release of the i3, but exciting nonetheless.  From what I understand, the BMW i8 has been on designer’s wish lists for awhile, but how to execute the model has been the problem.

Well the Matchbox Team figure it out, and it is nice to see it finished, and how great it looks.  The blue trim pops right off the black body, just like the i3, and the details and unique lines are there as well.

The plan is to have two of these in 2018, with the other part of the opening parts series.  We will worry about that one when it arrives, as for now it is all about the basic.  The window might be a little darker in later versions, but other than that this is how it will look.

We don’t see a lot of supercar silhouettes in Matchbox anymore, so this is most welcome, and a great choice.


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      1. 1per box of 72, to serve a city of 250,000,at a FOODmarket called asdaBURYs! I might be able to get hold of one. Then again we have just got batch d. The first of 2018. The rest before hand?? Then again hotwheels everywhere you go and being sold cheaper and flying off the shelves. Matchbox just sits with crap and last year’s pegwarmers So sadly d is going to be about for a while in the one UK matchbox stockists a FOOD shop. I like that blue and yellow train… Ice machine great…

  1. There are a lot of reasons I love this model! Firstly, its a model I wanted them to make since many years. Secondly, its the first sportscar Matchbox has made in a long, long time. Thirdly, they’ve done it very well.

    So yes, it doesn’t have rear details and yes the roof is transparent but despite that, I still think this is a brilliant model. It brings back memories from 2008-2011 when the Matchbox range was full of such cars. I hope I get this model soon.

  2. This definitely has shades of the Golden Age in it. Looks fantastic. Matchbox could use some new sports car-appropriate wheels…I feel like something reminiscent of Hot Wheels’ OH5 but with slightly thicker spokes and higher-profile tires would be nice.

    I can’t wait to get this one

    1. You know something? We have here a BMW on 10/20sp wheels. The E46 M3 GTR has wheels with a similar design. Put two and two together…

  3. Hmm. It looks ok, but I cannot help but wonder how much better it would be if the sell price was, say, $1.99. Perhaps we would get a little more metal, some red tail lights, and slightly crisper details. I for one would be happy to pay this amount, considering that the $1 price point has been with us for what…30+ years?

    1. Come to the UK now and pay your 3 usd if it makes you feel better. 75 a year main line…. Or just bring it back to uk. Hotwheels is undercutting this brand big time as it is. To save matchbox brand in the uk put the line back to 75. 50 sh*t models cut short. And more creative input will be put into each and every model, also keep shelves moving. This is an appeal from the homeland starved from matchbox!! Mattel has strangled this brand as it is. Hotwheels is priority.

      1. I would happily pay $3 USD for a better model. I’d be happy to come to the UK too, but Germany will have to do for this summer vacation.

  4. I went to Germany last year, i toured the rhine land, cologne and aarchen. Lovely place deutchland. You will enjoy. Don’t expect to much matchbox collecting their. I think matchbox drought there too.

    1. Been there many times as the wife is German and both our families are German. Not going there for the diecast (gasp!). We are going for hiking in Bavaria, and going to the Sensheim Technology museum + Porsche museum. I’ll probably bring home a few Sikus as well.

  5. You lucky man, i will go back one day and tour more of Germany and also more into ww2 history. I have family in Chicago and around that area, I will one day love to go state side. I would have to win the lottery first! I have siku in my collection. Good quality! And real looking! Anyway all the best from Mr cook. The uk branch!!

    1. Thanks! When you make it to Germany, find your way to the Sensheim Technology Museum. They have one of the best collections of WWII armor and aircraft, plus an amazing collection of cars. I’ve been there once several years ago, and just could not take it all in .

      1. I’ve looked online and it looks fascinating, I miss the beer and wine tasting! I want to go to Berlin and that area next. Great lovely country. Only the language barrier! All the best and happy collecting!

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