2018 Hot Wheels K Case Highlights

The Hot Wheels K Case is coming, and it marks the first case to carry the special 50th Race Team models.  Have a look at that, plus some great new castings.


Among the K case models, a vastly improved Countach, and a reversed Magnus Porsche.  I’ll say the Countach is the highlight of this case.  You?

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  1. yeah that countach looks vastly improved. And awesome to customize, i’ll swap wheels and get rid of that light bar and make a regular countach

  2. There still eels like there is something wrong with the Countach, though I can’t put my finger on it. I think it’s either something about the rear wheel arches, or the rear side window/vents being one piece. Or possibly the light bar not being on the roof, but on the engine panel.

    Regardless, I do need to add it to the collection.

  3. The Countach is spot on really. A light detailing of the windo vents and of course maybe a light bar removal to create the stock version…or I can wait on the next variant..
    I hope there is enough material to shave down the wheel flares to design the original 74 Countach concept car. I did it with the older 400S.
    So I guess Ill need 3 of them.

  4. I too would like a new stock version of the Countach, but having seen a full 360 close-up view of this pace car version, I’m much more enthused now than I was before. It’s beautifully done, and I don’t think it should be underestimated how big a difference it makes that they did the light bar the way they did. Having that bit of interior piece break it up color-wise is genius. There are plenty of castings that they ruined when switching from a separate piece light bar to having it part of the window, and it’s because it just ends up looking like a big hunk of window with no definition. I like the way they did this.

    I’m also very excited for the Aventador, which I think has one of the best color combos for that casting yet, as well as the Maverick. I agree that it looks more striking in this blue than the debut. Good stuff.

  5. Some nice stuff here. I’ll be hunting down both Lamborghinis for sure. I respect other’s opinions on the Countach pace car, but am going to stick to my guns that I personally would prefer the stock car. Seeing this side by side with the older casting just reinforces how badly we need a redo of the stock car.

    For as cool as I thought the first MW Porsche was, this recolor is really doing it for me. Love the gold wheels!

    A couple of other K case picks for me would be the black & gold John Player’s Special-inspired livery Lotus Esprit and the white Borla Mustang.

    I’ve never really been a Ford Maverick fan, but there is something about this casting. And I agree, it looks even better in this midnight blue with gold.

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