I got a love note in my Matchbox 2018 E Case Unboxing

I would typically post my Matchbox E Case Unboxing video and be done with it.  But this one had a little surprise.  I opened it and saw this love note on the video, so watch the video first.  You will see the contents of the E Case I received from A&J Toys, plus a look at the first two Sapphire Gem chase models.  But you will know what the love note is when I pull it from the case:

How was that for an error?  Pulling an error in the last case was cool, but this one tops it:


I have seen stickers (usually an inspectors arrow), and tape, and even band aids (eeeeeewwwwww) on models in blisters, but nothing like this.  And the cool thing?  Check the date stamp on the bottom:


It is a little hard to see it, but look closely.  The stamp is “L07”.  That is actually a date stamp, so you know when the model was actually produced.  L stands for the year, meaning 2018, and “07” is the week.  The 7th week of 2018 was the week of the February 11th.  See where I am getting?  That is the week of Valentine’s Day.

So to whatever worker in Thailand who stuck a Valentine’s Day heart sticker on a Yamaha Bike in order send a Valentine’s greeting:  I got it, and I love it, and yes I love you too.  I’ll be holding on to this one.

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  1. We hope you two will be very happy together and we wish you all the best ! Make sure Mrs Lamley doesn’t take all the best cars !

  2. *Sigh*…alright, I’ll be “that guy”…I don’t see this as an error. Whether it ended up in the blister accidentally or on purpose, this is just lax quality control when it comes to packaging, nothing more. I’m sure other people have differing opinions on what constitutes an error, but for me, it begins and ends with the model itself, not the packaging.

    Anyway…not a bad case. Factoring in repeats from the previous case, there’s really only a couple I want from this one though. Am I the only one who is “meh” about the chase vehicles?

  3. An unusual error/extra content indeed. I do have a question if someone can answer. How does one determine which (alphabet) case the specific Matchbox came from when taken out of the box as I still don’t know how to read and where the code is located on the blister unlike Hot wheels which is at the back?

  4. On the back of packet there is a little code above the bar code sometimes stamped or printed. This started in 2008 as A. And so the alphabet goes on as years, excluding i,. So this year is L. For example, code L04.this model was made in the 4th week this year. M for next year and so on. Every model from 2008 onwards have their Base stamped or printed. I hope this helps. As for the love heart find very funny indeed.

  5. If I read matchthebox’s question correctly (well, if I interpret what I think he’s asking, correctly), the answer is there is NO marking on blistercards or any individual package that indicates which particular CASE (or “batch” or “mix” as some call them…) any model came in.

    AMC’s answer is correct as far as WHEN a particular model was actually manufactured….his example of the 4th week of 2018 for an “L04” code stamped on the card back and in the base of the model (if there’s room for the production date code to be imprinted/embossed on a particular base). But, you might be able to deduce which “batch” a model was released in based on that production date….if you know the month that a “batch” was actually released. Of course, sometimes cases/batches/mixes don’t ALL reach EVERY store, and as John L has specifically mentioned in each of his unboxing videos, there are “carryover” models (from a previous “batch”) in almost every “new” batch/case/mix released to stores. So, for some models, it could have been released in an older batch/case/mix and you just found the “latest” batch. For example, in the recent Jurassic World releases, I have an AAT (Armored Action Truck) with a date code of K50, meaning it was manufactured in the 50th week of 2017 (“K”). But I also have and have seen others with “L02” and “L04” for the same casting….so it would be difficult to pin down the exact case lot based on having different “production dates” (aka “born on” dates) on a particular card and model.

    The ultimate source for WHICH particular “lettered” CASE a particular model came in would be the “LEY” component of the “LAMLEY” name, David Tilley’s “batch listing” in the Matchbox Bay of Swifty’s Garage. It’s pinned at the top of the Matchbox Bay. If you’re not a member of Swifty’s….(you ARE, aren’t you? I know your ‘moniker’ from somewhere besides here….), you should join. And if I’m totally misreading your question, I apologize for my error.

    1. My specific example from the Jurassic World series may not be the best, simply because I don’t think the JW models/series come in the same “lettered” CASE/BATCH/MIX as the main line models do. I have no idea how the JW series is distributed other than exclusive series for Target and Walmart. But the “born on” date code simply tells you when a model went through the factory and was put together and packaged individually. Nothing about which “case” it will be distributed inside. That’s left up to the intrepid collector to discern. Hope this lengthy explanation helped.

  6. i was under the impression that the sapphire cars were to have real riders on them , but after this i guess not

  7. Thanks jefferson Blair young “aka b2young” , Cool name! , we in the uk, we have names like Tony and Lionel. Thanks for explaining.

  8. I’m guessing most stock boxes are marked USA. Can you explain again please. I’m so confused. Aka me

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