The Lamley Daily: 2011 Matchbox Cadillac CTS Wagon

#lamleydaily – June 29, 2017


Model:  Matchbox Cadillac CTS Wagon

Line:  2011 Basic (VIP Segment)

Where to get it: Cadillac CTS Wagon on eBay

Why it’s in the collection:  Honestly the Cadillac CTS Wagon is a Top 10 cool wagon.  And I am not talking about toy wagons.  Cadillac decided to play with their very popular CTS Sedan, creating both a Coupe and Wagon.  Both worked, but the Wagon especially so.  It just seemed that those design cues on the CTS worked so well for the Wagon silhouette.  Thankfully Matchbox made replicas of both the Wagon and the Coupe.  I would have preferred CTS-V versions, but I am happy with the stock as well.


Sadly the CTS Wagon was a bit of a pegwarmer at the time it was released.  I don’t know if that will be the case today, especially with wagons becoming more and more popular among the collector set.  This particular orange version, with orange rims, got a lot of grief from collectors.  It probably wasn’t totally its fault.  Midway through 2011 Matchbox changed direction, trying to skew younger with brighter colors and designs.  All of a sudden later batches of Matchbox looked far less realistic then models released even months before.  This direction let to the cartoonish creations of 2012 through 2014, which turned off a ton of collectors and really created the “Matchbox has lost its way” narrative.  This orange Caddy fell right in the middle of the transition, and its bright, definitely-not-stock look frustrated collectors.



The new direction frustrated me too, but I have loved this orangesicle since the day it was released.  It it bright, but honestly quite good-looking.  I could see this being a very popular version if it were released today.  It just represented too much when it was actually released.

There have been some nice releases of the CTS Wagon, namely the two 5-pack models in white and blue.  But this one stands out.  I’d drive it.


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  1. I really want to know what possessed Matchbox to move away from such models and create the plastic off-road shit, because these “Golden age” models are honestly some of THE best 1:64 models I have seen. I’m lucky to have found this and the white 5-pack version and I’m not going to let go of them.

  2. I am biased towards American automobiles. Especially towards GM cars. These Cadillacs are terrific. Beautiful cars looking like nothing else on the road. With the cred to be in the same league as any automobile in the luxury category. Motorheads are glad GM built these. The model with the optional V series engine and 6 speed transmission are what I call unicorn cars. Very rare and desireable. Cadillac only minted I believe 100 or maybe it was 500. Somewhere around that many. Stunning design

  3. A beautiful example of what Matchbox SHOULD be doing. I LOVE this casting so much…I think I have them all, and am happy to have them. Honestly the paint and wheel choice don’t bother me at all on this one…it was a ballsy move for GM to put the real thing into production (unfortunately it just didn’t work out…too damn many SUV buyers that can’t see the practicality and sexiness of wagons), so I think it’s appropriate for Matchbox to do a ballsy color combo on one of them. And even if it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, there were the other releases that were very accurate, color-wise.

  4. Also, although the examples are limited, it appears as though the orange one might be trending a bit upwards in price compared to the other colors…can’t really make a conclusion based on just 2 for sale, but still…interesting.

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