Hard Body by Tootsietoy – toy cars with full features

July 5, 2020 – by Doug Breithaupt When someone mentions Tootsietoy, most of us picture simple one-piece toy cars with basic wheels. In a previous story, I reviewed these basic cars beginning with the first small-scale die-cast car made by Tootsietoy in 1911. With the introduction of the Hard Body brand name in the late […]

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Lamley Daily, Matchbox

The Lamley Daily: 2011 Matchbox Cadillac CTS Wagon

#lamleydaily – June 29, 2017 Model:  Matchbox Cadillac CTS Wagon Line:  2011 Basic (VIP Segment) Where to get it: Cadillac CTS Wagon on eBay Why it’s in the collection:  Honestly the Cadillac CTS Wagon is a Top 10 cool wagon.  And I am not talking about toy wagons.  Cadillac decided to play with their very […]

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