The Hot Wheels Target Red Editions aren’t the Zamacs, but they can be.

I love the Walmart Zamacs.  That is no secret.  I have dedicated quite a few blog features to them.  Going unpainted on several basic models a year is really a brilliant idea, and the cross section of models used makes for a great little collection.  I am happy I started collecting them from the beginning.

Target obviously wants in on the action.  Hence the introduction this year of the exclusive Red Editions, a 12-model segment released every three assortments.  The approach is similar to the Zamacs.  Pick some of the basic models being released and give them a special red/white themed colorway.  The deco stays the same, the color changes.  And since red is the predominant theme at Target, going red on the models makes sense.

I like the idea, so I have grabbed at least one of each Red Edition released so far, including the latest batch.  That makes 9 released so far, with 3 more coming in 2017.  Hopefully it continues into 2018.

And like I said, I really do like the idea.  The execution has been a bit underwhelming though.  What Walmart has with the Zamacs is unique.  The Zamac release will look like no other version.  It’s unpainted.  The Red Editions are only special because they are marked as such.  If a white Gasser with red flames were released as a standard mainline, no one would note that it looked different than the others.

So with that disadvantage, the castings used for the Red Editions have to be really good.  The models have to stand out.  They have to get us crazy collectors to the store looking for them.  And with the ’55 Gasser in the first assortment, and with the Kool Kombi coming in the last, they have that.  But the two middle assortments really don’t have an anchor model.  That model that attracts the collectors, and will compel them to buy the other two for the set.

So I don’t have a problem with any of the castings, but I think it would be a good thing to make sure at least one collector fave makes it.  Just watch what will happen with the Kool Kombi.  And what happened with the Gasser.  And what would happen with a 510 Wagon Surf Patrol Red Edition (it isn’t happening, but it will be a Zamac).

So, I’m in the Red Editions.  I will surely be after the final three of the year, to join the nine I already have.  Let’s hope 2018 builds on its debut.

The first nine:


5 Replies to “The Hot Wheels Target Red Editions aren’t the Zamacs, but they can be.”

  1. Be great if the same red was used. All targets got it them same time. Employees would know when to put them out not hide them.

  2. I like and I love both the Target exclusive red edition car’s and the Walmart exclusive zamac car’s. I hope and pray they keep making both again for next year thumbs up.

  3. There are definite hits and misses with the Red Editions…I like the idea, but I’m only picking up maybe half of the examples, while I’m a completist with the ZAMACS. There’s definitely potential though

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