Case Report: Opening a Hot Wheels 2017 N Case

The ongoing “is it loaded?” argument continues with the 2017 N Case.  Actually there is no argument.  The N Case is loaded.  Way loaded.

Take all the good stuff from the M Case (Datsun Wagon, Hakosuka, Mazda REPU), and then add the Nissan GT-R, the return of the McLaren P1, two superb VW’s, and more, and you have a loaded case.  Oh, and don’t forget a fantastic Super.

Just have a look for yourself.  Wheel Collectors got a pallet of the N Cases today, and as always, picked one at random to open for Lamley Readers, 3-by-3.  And let’s just say they picked a good one.  You can see all the models here:

Hot Wheels 2017 N Case at Wheel Collectors

Let’s play three games today.  Spot the Super, Spot the Reg TH, and spot the TWO errors.  Have at it:

Great case right?

Alright, here are the answers.

Spot the Super:


Spot the Reg:


Spot the errors (I’m only give you the obvious one):


That Super is gorgeous.  Interesting that there were no regular Camaros in the case.  They did pull standard ’67 Camaros in other cases.  Here is a look:


Most importantly, a few of the must-haves:

Is this case loaded.  Yes.  Yes it is.

18 Replies to “Case Report: Opening a Hot Wheels 2017 N Case”

  1. Those new N Case mainline hotwheels coming out are all awesome. I will be on the hunt for most of those thumbs up.

  2. Can’t wait to (“hopefully”) find these next couple of batches. I say that because Publix stores in the sunshine state seem to be a bit of a slump with distribution right now. It’s been almost two months since a hint of new cars at any of ’em! After the K case, nothin’ ever since! They’re either not getting anything at all or getting old stock. I’ve never seen them this bad in my six years of Hot Wheel hunting at Publix! It seems like with every passing year the distribution between Mattel and Publix is getting worse. And figures it has to happen when the fully loaded batches appear! Uhhhhr! But, maybe in the next week or two they’ll finally show up. Just gotta keep hunting.

    BTW, I spotted the not-so-obvious error. The Aston Martin One-77 has a mismatched set of wheels: J5’s in the rear and 10SP’s in the front.

    1. The one above it has the same error but reversed!!! Very strange. Just think, if a matching set of wheels had made it onto each car, one of them would have been a very rare variation instead of an error…

    2. Same here. Walmart has been abysmal. Got about one box each up to the E case. Then nothing until a few K cases. Only a select few people in a whole area are able to get any mainlines?? Something is wrong this year.

  3. Yeah, I’d say this qualifies as loaded. Some awesome stuff for sure…The Huayra, the Mazda Pickup and the McLaren are the top 3 for me, but there’s plenty more that I’ll snag as well. Lordy, that McLaren looks awesome. I only have one, the red example from Speed Machines, but I’m looking forward to getting more.

    On a not-as-positive note…when are they going to dump that awful Viper casting?? If they had a Viper-shaped hole in the lineup for this case, why not drop in the recent coupe, or even the ACR version?

  4. Hope this trend of having 2 different colors in same mix doesn’t continue should be more kombi’s or Nissan’s, mattel must know that these will be popular and no camaro’s and 1 McClaren…..”.what the”?

  5. Not 2, but 3 errors. Missing front wheels on Hakosuka and J5 wheel variation on both Astons. Great case indeed! Love the new GT-R and happy to see the return of the McLaren F1. I even like the regular TH Ford Transit. Might buy that too.

  6. I can’t wait for this! Glad to see plenty of Hakos and Bluebirds. I wonder if there will be a legit wheel variation on those Astons since they both have mismatched wheels.

  7. There are a few things in here to get excited about; the McLaren F1, the Nissan GT-R, the Ford GT and the Mazda Repu. The Pagani Huayra is nice. I guess the Skyline and Bluebird are nice too, but don’t exactly get my heart racing.

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