Chevrolet 2 Volkswagen 1: It’s Bowtie vs Bulli in M2’s SEMA 2022 exclusives

The 2022 SEMA Show has been and gone, but for me it always lives on into December and the arrival of the M2 Machines SEMA exclusive models.

Regular readers will know I’m no M2 expert, but I always look forward to the SEMA models and this year ordered a case of each release. As usual there were three special 1:64 vehicles issued for the huge automotive aftermarket show – each based on one of M2’s newer castings – and I’ve opened one of each to share photos with you here.

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For each casting, production numbers are now up to 800 Regular models and 400 Chases, with four and two respectively per case ordered – and as always, almost all are ordered in person at the show in November, which is what makes them tricky to get. This year’s model choices were the a Chevrolet K5 Blazer, quirky Volkswagen Type 2 PickUp and a custom Chevrolet C1500 Silverado.

1973 Chevrolet K5 Blazer

Let’s start with the Blazer. It comes in a two-tone green deco in partnershp with Anvil, a new off-road brand from regular M2 collaborator, Holley. It’s the second Holley-licensed version of this new K5 after the black-and-red Auto-Club release of the same truck back in March this year. There’s also been a Holley release of the GMC Jimmy Sierra that’s based on the same casting, but we’ve seen other versions of these siblings, too, both as high-riding 4x4s and low-slung custom trucks.

The model captures the K5’s lines nicely and there’s the usual M2 attention to detail in the lights, badging, roof rack/equipment and chassis. The topographical map inside the green panels is a neat detail, and is repeated on the eye-catching card art. I’d have liked the removable hardtop to fit a little more snugly when it’s in place as it tends to slide around and unfortunately, I couldn’t get the hood to open beyond a quarter inch. Some of the turbine wheels are roughly finished, too.

Gold trim distinguishes the Chase version. As you can see on this boxed example, there’s a satin gold chassis, interior and tailgate, while a yellow-gold chrome is applied to the wheels and roof rack.

Before we move on, here’s a quick snap of the M2 Blazer with an old Matchbox model that felt like a good match!

1960 Volkswagen 4×4 Type 2 PickUp

I’ll take a guess that this wild Vee-Dub won’t be to everyone’s taste, but it’s certainly distinctive! The shortened VW on a custom 4×4 chassis has previously appeared as a Delivery Van but I believe this is the first time we’ve seen it with the single-cab pickup body.

The SEMA release is finished in black pearl metallic with a bright-red roof, chassis and graphics to match the red show logo. The prominent 4WD logo on the side is a reference to VW’s old Syncro vans and trucks. The bead-lock rims are well finished and perhaps because there are fewer small elements (and no moving parts), this compact model has a more solid feel than the Blazer.

For the surprisingly subtle Super Chase variant, the bumpers, chassis and rims are finished in red chrome.

1990 Chevrolet C1500 Silverado

Likely to prove the most popular of the trio – and also my favourite – is this custom Silverado. Given the current hype around anything with a Chevy badge and a pickup bed, M2 was on to a winner when it created the new OBS casting, covering 1988-98 Silverados and GMC Sierras.

Following the prototype reveal at Halloween in 2021, the first versions have rolled into stores during 2022. We’ve already had a 1998 Sierra 4×4 and a 1990 slammed Silverado with Coke bottles and Christmas trees on board, but I think this custom SEMA truck, which features a bulged hood, custom grille and bed cover, is altogether more appealing.

The Silverado looks even better in natural light. Unfortunately, it was the only one of the three models I managed to photograph outdoors before a week of frigid Calgary winter weather set in…

The bright paint scheme certainly has early-90s written all over it. Its colours are listed as #34 mag purple, liquid lime green and bright yellow. There’s a hint of Reebok about the side graphic and a small SEMA logo on the lower door. I love the sleek grille and the Chevrolet script on the tailgate. The chromed, five-spoke IROC rims are great, too.

The hood opens properly this time so you can check out the detailed LT4 beneath. My only gripe is that the rubber band holding the plastic bed cover in place left its mark across the cover. I suspect the paint hadn’t quite cured when the model was assembled.

It’s gold again for the Chase model, which features gold chrome rims and a gold interior.

That brings us to the end of this quick look at this year’s M2 SEMA exclusives. As ever, eBay is the place you’re most likely to find them. Happy hunting!

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