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Lamley Daily: Ignition Model Toyota Supra

Model: Toyota Supra (JZA80) RZ Gold Item IG1866 Release: Ignition Model 1/64 2020 Snag one from SURPLUSgoodies Why I am featuring it: This is the first Ignition Model 1/64 to enter my collection. Now that I have one I get why collectors are amazed by the detail. These are among the highest quality 1/64 scale […]

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Ignition Models

The Latest From Ignition Model Now Available at SURPLUSgoodies

Check out these highly detailed 1/64 scale cars from Ignition Model. SURPLUSgoodies eBay store has them priced to sell in “Buy it now” listings. These Supras look amazing (I had some real difficulty choosing what color I wanted for my collection). They also have some Nissan Skyline R34’s available. So head on over to SURPLUSgoodies […]

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There has been a TON of Nissan GT-R released in 1/64. None of them can top Ignition Model’s offering.

Is there such a thing as overkill in the 1/64 world?  Probably. Some might argue the JDM craze we have seen hit almost every brand is overkill.  Not even close.  Maybe some ELEMENTS of the JDM craze, but in general Japanese cars are just filling the gaps that have always been there. Earlier this century, […]

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