Lamley Daily: Ignition Model Toyota Supra

Model: Toyota Supra (JZA80) RZ Gold Item IG1866

Release: Ignition Model 1/64 2020

Snag one from SURPLUSgoodies

Why I am featuring it: This is the first Ignition Model 1/64 to enter my collection. Now that I have one I get why collectors are amazed by the detail. These are among the highest quality 1/64 scale cars available. Even the packaging is high quality with a little metal name plate. The paint is top notch and has a nice smooth feel. It is not a roller so if that is a deal breaker for you then Ignition is not your brand. The base is also plastic if you care about that. The fit and finish is amazing for the scale and these are just too detailed to ignore. I’m glad I finally have one in the collection and surely will seek adding more.

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