There has been a TON of Nissan GT-R released in 1/64. None of them can top Ignition Model’s offering.

Is there such a thing as overkill in the 1/64 world?  Probably.

Some might argue the JDM craze we have seen hit almost every brand is overkill.  Not even close.  Maybe some ELEMENTS of the JDM craze, but in general Japanese cars are just filling the gaps that have always been there.

Earlier this century, Hot Wheels and other brands like Greenlight seemed to be releasing a new Mustang and Camaro every month.  It was prolific.  But I don’t know if it was overkill, especially since every Camaro and Mustang was different.

Then there is the Nissan GT-R.  I have heard from quite a few that there are too many GT-R’s in the 1/64 world.  There are a lot.  Here are the different castings I own, with numerous releases of each:


Hot Wheels




UCC Coffee




Tomica Limited Vintage


Mini GT


Ignition Model


And that isn’t all.  I couldn’t find my Tarmac Works GT-R’s to take photos, and you know there are quite a few more GT-R’s.  Thinking Oversteer, Greenlight, other Kyosho, Norev, Realtoy, and more.  And those pictured above just represent the castings.  I own 19 separate TLV for example.

I am a big fan of the GT-R – that has to be obvious – but feel no need to collect them all.  First off, Hot Wheels made a huge upgrade with their new R35, essentially putting the old one to bed.  Second, having a brand like TLV take on the GT-R is the real treat, with the first and second gen GT-R being released, in all kinds of ways, like NISMO and N-Attack.

While the 2017 TLV GT-R is a little off, I have felt comfortable saying the TLV GT-R’s are the models to have.  That has changed.  It is Ignition Model.  They don’t roll, they aren’t stock, but they are amazing.  If you can only own one GT-R in 1/64, it has to be the Ignition Model Pandem.  Better yet, pursue one stock TLV and one Pandem Ignition.


But thankfully there are no rules on how many GT-R’s you can have, so pursue what you want.  For me, I am blown away by the Ignition.

And why?  Well, it is easy to see.  Especially in person.  And especially when you throw them in the Lamley Studio and take photos.  Which I did.  A lot of them.

So, yes, as great as they are, the Ignition Model releases are hard to come by.  Four have been released so far, made available through Tarmac Works.  The fifth – a TW/IG collaboration – will be released Sept 17th in the Tarmac Works store.  And it will sell out in minutes, if not seconds.  After that, secondary markets like ebay will have them, but at much higher prices.

But they are worth it.  Hopefully these photos show why.





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  1. Not sure if my previous comment posted successfully, but what would you recommend for the same price, a 1:64 TLV or a 1:43 Kyosho? Both will have incredible detail, but I’m finding it hard to justify a 1:64 TLV when I can get a larger 1:43 Kyosho for the same price!

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