The Tarmac Works/Ignition Model 1/64 collaboration is looking – as expected – insane.

For those familiar with both Tarmac Works and Ignition Model, the announced 1/64 collaboration easily became one of the most anticipated releases of the year.

Well, it’s release is almost here, and Tarmac Works released some images of their exclusive model:

Based on those photos, it is exactly as we expected.  1/64 the way only Ignition does it.  If you aren’t familiar with Ignition Model, you should be.  I have a few of their 1/43 resin models, and they are absolutely stunning.  Don’t ask if they roll, as these are completely for display, but you won’t care.  Just staring at them is thrill enough.

I don’t know if the 1/64 are display only, but I assume they are.  Like the larger scale models, the focus is on realism and style.  They are insanely accurate.

More details are coming, but the Tarmac Team has laid out what to expect.  Hopefully sellers like SURPLUSgoodies here in the States will have them too.  Just know they will go fast.

3 Replies to “The Tarmac Works/Ignition Model 1/64 collaboration is looking – as expected – insane.”

  1. Very awesome. Super excited. Can’t t wait to start adding these tothe collection. Forthise that are hesitant to spend the money, you need at least 1 TW in your display. You will not regret paying the premium price

  2. Hmm… so Tarmac Works is creating the 1/64 version of the 1/43 scale of Ignition I assumed as Tarmac already does a terrific job of doing 1/64 of their own models. Will they also be in resin?

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