The October Release from Tarmac Works is now available at SURPLUSgoodies!

So much good stuff these days!  I have gotten several requests to get the news out when Tarmac Works releases its monthly batches, so here we go.

The October release is not available, and SURPLUSgoodies has them.  A few new releases from TW, plus two more Ignition Model exclusives.  You can find them all at the link below:

Tarmac Works at SURPLUSgoodies


So you know, this is how Tarmac Works.  They send the models out to their distributers, and require that sales start at a certain time on a certain day.  So when the models go on sale at the TW Store, dealers like SURPLUSgoodies are putting their stock up as well.  So find your favorite store and buy from there.  I will always try to get the news out when a new batch goes on sale.

(Of course the exception is the Ignition Models.  Those are at such a limited number, SURPLUS will put what they have up for auction, as is the case now.)

Here is what is available:

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