Lamley Daily: Autogrand VAZ Zhiguli (Lada) 2106

I've had this one stirring since I did the Autogrand feature way back in February. I thought it deserved it's own spotlight. And I've recently managed to acquire a standard one so it's time to take a good look at what I think is the pick of the Autogrand range.

Lamley Single File: Welly Polish Series part 2 – FSO Syrena 105

When the Lamley team discussed the new Single File series introduced by David Kiley, John joked that myself and fellow contributor Graham Heeps would be all over it, given our rather unique collections. And he was right, this feature is a great opportunity to present to you some truly obscure things. My kind of place entirely then!

Lamley Single File: Grell Robur LO 2500

Keen eyed Lamley readers will have seen this before when I introduced you all to the High Speed manufactured models comissioned by German marketing company Grell. The other day I recalled a conversation I had a few years ago in Berlin, and it gave me the idea to take this particular model on my daily walk.

Vive La France! The gallic world of Norev’s 1/64 line up.

(Norev 1/64 on ebay) I've been keen to get the ball rolling with this article for a while as I firmly believe Norev haven't had anywhere near the coverage they are due for their small scale catalogue. Already well established with their larger scale models, they have managed to bring some unique subjects to the …

Don’t burst my bubble – the Schuco BMW Isetta (and some Japanese visitors)

So as promised I'm back again with a visit to the miniature world of Schuco. And miniature is a fitting word considering the size of my subject today. Say hello to the BMW Isetta. The Isetta started life in 1953 not as a BMW, but as a product of the Italian company Iso. Revealed at …