Lamley Single File: Playart DAF 33

It’s been a week of strong finds to add to my collection. First a Konrad Mercedes G-Wagen. Then a Siku DKW F12. And now another one of my must haves has landed: meet the Playart DAF 33.

One of the hardest Playart to find and also perhaps one of the most unique, the DAF found its way to me via Ebay seller who has a myriad of gorgeous rare and desirable diecast from all corners of the globe.

Built in the Dutch town of Born, the DAF 33 went on sale in 1967 and succeeded the Daffodil model. Powered by a 746cc flat twin engine, the 33 used the same trademark Variomatic CVT transmission as pioneered back in the 1959 DAF 600. Available in sedan, pickup and van/estate body styles, production of the 33 ended in 1974.

The Playart model is perhaps a strange choice for a Hong Kong brand, but they made quite a range of models from European car manufacturers. But the DAF is probably my favourite of them all. It’s such a unique vehicle to be replicated in diecast, let alone in “3 inch” size. Until finding the DAF I only had one other Playart, a half destroyed Honda N360 that still sits in my custom “to do pile”. From the broken collection of bits that made up the Honda I made a guess that the DAF would have the same solid construction with thick metal utilised in the body and base. And I was right, it’s a great thing to handle.

Wheels aside, the proportions are pretty damn accurate, and I adore the cute looks. My example is a little worse for wear with chipped paint and worn bumpers, but you’ll all know by now I’m a sucker for patina. This thing is awesome and I’m so happy to have found it.

It’s right at home in my collection and in finding it I also managed to locate another very cool Euro Playart that will also be gracing these pages very soon so stay tuned.

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(At the time of writing there were no Playart DAFs listed on Ebay, so find other Playarts listed here and find the link to the fabulous shop of embedded in the text)

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    1. Thanks Steve! No plans yet, it’s too rare for me to want to cut into it. I’ve cleaned it up as best as I can, and left it at that. If I find another I may restomod it, but that’s a big “if”! 🙂

      1. Sometimes it is nice jusy to leave it as is seeing it is part of the history of it. I like odd castings like this myself as well and if they are agrd like yours it adds to a bit in a way.

        Another question not regardi tbe casting but will tbe lamley group youtube channel. No updates in two weeks. Anyone have ideas what is going on?

  1. Love that DAF! I scored a Playart Lotus Elite recently, for only 5 bucks. Totally agree with you about the heavy duty solid feel of these old Playarts, Alex.

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