First aid – military style: XCartoys Mercedes Unimog field ambulance

I’ve been having a bit of writer’s block as of late, but I think with this thing It’s one of those models where the pictures will probably do most of the talking. Also, being a military vehicle, I am rather in my element. This is the Mercedes Unimog from XCartoys.

The Unimog has been a fixture of many armed forces around the world ever since the first generation models went into service with the Swiss and West German armed forces in the 1950s. Military users span the entirety of the globe, from the US Army to the Australian Army, but one of the most prevalent users is the German Bundeswehr, and the XCartoys version is modelled on a Heer (army) Unimog 437.4 field ambulance version.

A 1/64 scale Unimog is never a small thing, but this version is a real monster. The construction is solid and robust, but with fantastic detail. The cab, box and chassis are all cast from metal and it makes it a great thing to handle. It bugs me when a model looks like it should weigh a tonne but in reality a stiff breeze would blow it away. But there’s not the risk with this at all. It feels like a quality model.

The paint is thick and the accurately detailed wheels roll wonderfully on chunky off road tyres. The wing mirrors are moulded in rubber and are attached to a sprue that comes in the box. They’re a bit of a pain to fit so for the sake of my sanity (and ease of transport when clambering over rocks) I chose to leave them off before taking photos. There’s also a very well replicated Mercedes badge on that sticks on the grille (plus a spare for cack handed folk like myself!)

XCartoys have made a sure-fire winner. This is one I think we’ll all be seeing more of.

And there’s several variants available if the Medic version doesn’t take your fancy, including two overland camper versions, a full camo Bundeswehr livery, a Hong Kong Fire Rescue vehicle and an armoured Hong Kong Police truck. Whatever you pick, you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Very irritating how you can find diecast models of cars that never existed in Mattle or other American company (Maybach, some cadillacs) or find them in a far much highly detailed replicas like this one. Really!?

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