Lamley Single File: Stance Hunters Koenig Competition

This is what I signed up for: to introduce you to the new brands on the 1/64 stage, especially if they’re bringing things like this to the hobby:

This is the Koenig Specials Competition by 1/64 newbies Stance Hunters. Rolling collectors look away now: this is a strictly display only model fashioned in resin. But when it looks this good, do I even care? No. And nor should you.

Koenig Specials are renowned for making some of the most insane modified supercars of the 1980s and 1990s. Founded by racing driver Willy König in 1977, the company became the go to for supercar owners high on the pursuit of more power, more aero, more everything!

The Ferrari Testarossa based Koenig Competition Evolution was one of the company’s more infamous creations. Taking the Testarossa’s 5 litre V12, Koenig bolted on two turbos and a less than subtle bodykit, creating a monster with a claimed 1000bhp and 230mph top speed. The modifications came with a huge $595,900 price tag, and perhaps unsurprisingly, only 14 of them found buyers.

The Stance Hunters replica is a brilliant indication of what the brand is capable of. The wheels don’t turn but heads do. When I shared this on my Instagram it proved very popular, and rightly so. The proportions are good and the detail is top notch from the 5 spoke split rims to the sharp decals.

It looks awesome as a static model, and the fading sun provided a rather fitting backdrop.

Koenig cars can split opinion like Marmite: you either love them or you hate them. Enzo Ferrari was famously so against the Koenig cars that he took legal proceedings to stop them using the Prancing Horse logo, should they ever be confused with one of his creations. I’m firmly on the “love” side here though, as much as I love a Testarossa it’s awesome to see the excess of a Koenig car. And now I’ve got the perfect miniature. Stance Hunters are here, and this is a great first step.

Instagram: @alex_the_hoarder


(Find more information on Stance Hunters on the company Instagram page and get their models on Ebay)

5 Replies to “Lamley Single File: Stance Hunters Koenig Competition”

  1. Nice write up! Though the white model featured is cool (reminds me of a Lotus Esprit 😁), the red one is the choice to get!
    If a model looks this good with such detail & proportion, but even if it doesn’t roll.. it’s display worthy!

    Resin seems to be a new thing as of late & though I’ve been hearing about complaints about those who purchased the Singer Porsche models, I guess it depends on how much quality a company puts into their product.. cheap materials or resin R&D in it’s infancy??!! I never owned a resin produced model yet so I can’t speak of or compare a diecast to one of these.

    So my question though, can SH’s models be purchased other than on eBay? I’m seriously looking to purchase the soon to be released Lexus LFA model.
    Thank you very much!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I think resin will come into its own eventually, it’s been used for a long while with 1/18 and 1/24, but I suppose the size of 1/64 could create a problem potentially.
      As for the availability of Stance Hunters, he’s only on Ebay for now.

    2. Resin is not new. The advantages are it is less expensive to create the molds and it provides finer detail to cast metal. The down side is the molds do not have longevity of a hard metal mold. It works well for small runs we see with the special models.

      As for quality, it is up to the individual. I have never given the idea that metal cars are better than plastic any thought. I buy on the overall quality of the model. The fact I can get better detail in plastic/resin is a plus for me.

  2. Do you know if Stancehunters is the same company as YM Model? I have a YM Competition from 2020 and comparing the two they are identical in every way

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