Lamley Daily: Siku AMG GT4

Model: Siku AMG GT4

Line: Siku mainline (Nr. 1529)

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I’ve come to the conclusion I’ve got a real soft spot for the AMG GT. I was hooked in by Majorette’s Mercedes Shop versions last year, I’ve a big soft spot for the Hot Wheels and Tomica versions, and the more I look at the real version in AMG Solar Yellow the more my heart aches. And now there’s another diecast version that’s got me all doe eyed: Siku’s GT4 version.

Since covering the KTM X-Bow and Lanz Bulldog last year I’m always looking for an opportunity to add to my collection from the Siku stable. They produce some decent and unique diecast, and this brilliant GT4 is proof of what they’re capable of.

Sticklers for scale turn away now: Siku cars hover more around the 1/55 area. But my collection varies in scale as much as it does in variety of vehicle. I collect what I like, and this Siku was hard to ignore. It’s a stunner, and a good replica of the real thing.

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Revealed at the 2017 Spa 24 hours, the AMG GT4 is based on the roadgoing GT R version. Utilising the same 4 litre biturbo V8, power outputs can be up to 510PS with a maximum of 600NM of torque depending on balance of performance measures. Prices start from €198,000 and the car is eligible for entry into a number of race series including the British GT Championship and German VLN endurance series.

The Siku version is a very neat diecast. The livery is that worn by the real thing at the 2017 Spa reveal, and the paint and decal quality is strong. The plastic rear spoiler, while lightweight, makes a refreshing change from the poorly cast and overly chunky spoilers seen on some Hot Wheels cars. The interior is nicely detailed and there’s clear plastic headlights, rubber tyres with tread, and the wheel choice is spot on. Prices are also a strong point, with the GT4 retailing for around £4 in shops and on Ebay.

I’m always keeping an eye out for Siku, and there are a few more in my collection like the Gumpert Apollo and Wiesmann GT that are on the waiting list for Lamley features. I’m also keen to locate UK stockists of Siku to keep you all in the loop, so if any readers know of any please get in touch.

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  1. Wow, this AMG is very nicely detailed. Though is a bit sad it looses the door opening feature commonly seen in Sikus, I’m OK if this means a better representation of the car.

  2. Although I’d always prefer to see a model in the flesh (the Entertainer and Toy Barnhaus have some) I get all new ones at the best price from Sikudirect

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