Lamley Daily: 2018 Hot Wheels ’16 Cadillac ATS-V R

#lamleydaily – January 1, 2018


Model: Hot Wheels ’16 Cadillac ATS-V R

Line: 2018 New Models (Legends of Speed)

Where to get it: Hitting stores now.

Why it’s in the collection: Happy New Year!!  It seems appropriate to say it is my resolution to do the #lamleydaily every day in 2018, but you and I both know what won’t happen.  But I love doing this series, as it allows me to go in any direction and feature any model I want, new or old, while continuing to cover all the other stuff I do here on the blog and on YouTube.  So I will do better.  And I hope you keep coming back to see what model I’ve featured.

With all that said, we will start the year with a Hot Wheels new model that completely took me by surprise.  Getting noticed as a new model that isn’t JDM is hard right now, with the two new models from Japan Historics 2 joining the R30 and R33 Skylines.  Plus, it seems the Mercedes-Benz AMG-GT3 that also debuts in the D Assortment is the current race car that is getting all the attention.  But wow, this ATS-V R is insanely nice.


And let’s start with something that we don’t talk about much.  The rear spoiler.  Since Hot Wheels moved from plastic spoilers to metal to cut costs, many spoilers have just looked too big, too fat, and too bulky.  The spoiler on the Cadillac is one of the first to look correct.  It is large to be sure, but it works considering it is all metal.


It is still thick, but it has to be.  But this one seems to work.  It is proportioned well with the rest of the model.

And what a model it is.  The details on HW castings are getting better and better, and the wide body look and front grill are part of that.  Look at the rear window.  Look at the front grill.  And happily, look at the headlights that are part of the window piece.

Better yet, go buy this, and open it.  You won’t be disappointed.  A quiet contender for Model of the Year, in what will be a VERY crowded field.

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  1. Wow! What a way to start off 2018…this is an awesome choice for a conversation piece. I’m so glad HW’s did this one.
    I wish they came out with the CTs-V race version when Cadillac went racing w/their factory bodied cars back in 2004.

    I can picture this in a premium line..much like we’ve seen in the past when Speed Machines was released. Same goes for the Mercedes (w/the clunky rear wing) which would look just as awesome in premium attire.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Here’s where we see just how weak that livery on the AMG-GT3 is. If it was the factory racing livery as seen in Blancpain and VLN, it would stand out. This one’s…the grey looks drab, the rest of the colors don’t mesh well with the base color, and it didn’t help that there are no light tampos and the grille is molded in the body. With a different livery (perhaps ZAMAC, with red 722 numbering and retro-inspired livery a la 300SLR) and more details the AMG would shine, but as it is now, the ATS-V.R is the superior model.

    Also: is it just me, or is the car much closer shot than the last time? I love the wide-angle, off-center shots in the past.

    1. I noticed they were a little closer as well. I guess that is how they ended up this time. As you know the photo style is always evolving. Sometimes I don’t even notice.

  3. Let’s hope for more GT3 spec cars from HW in the future. Camaro, Mustang and the GT-R would be obvious picks.

    1. No, retools first. Retool the C7.R again (the premium retool is still wrong), retool the Aston GT3 (I’ve seen how it can be done), retool the Viper GTS-R (as old as that is), then go hog wild! 2014 911 RSR, 2017 911 RSR, Bentley Continental GT3, McLaren 650S GT3 and upcoming 720S GT3 (paired with the road car coming this year).

      And if you’re looking for more GT3, just you wait–there will be a Honda NSX GT3 and Audi R8 LMS coming soon with the Project CARS premium line.

  4. Certainly a surprise casting. I am yet to have this in hand, but from the photos this does look sharper and more accurate than the Mercedes. I still like the Merc more though. I am going to make a point which I’ve been noticing a lot lately: the mirrors. The Cadillac does not have them, while the AMG does and it makes a bigger difference than you think. IMO the AMG looks more complete (despite lacking head and taillight tampos). I like the Cadillac, but I like the Mercedes more. Anyway, that’s just my 2 cents.

  5. This looks pretty nice…”model of the year contender” might be pushing it quite a bit, but it’s still nice. I agree that the rear wing looks pretty well done considering they had to do it in metal. The AMG GT’s looks far too chunky in comparison. I’m still on the look-out for both of these, so it’ll be nice to have them in hand.

  6. Just so happened to have picked up the Caddy today at Target. Really nice stuff and the wing looks way more lean in person than in photo. Graphics are awesome .. well executed! Well worth the wait so let’s see this one later on in a premium line, if not black.. red or blue perhaps.. yeeaaahhhh!
    Also picked up the AMG GT too.. wing doesn’t look as bad as I thought, but the wheels and tampo design kind of turns me off.

  7. This is a fantastic car. HW: keep doing models like this. Cars like this make that 50th Anniversary gold Camaro chase seem goofy. And as another poster mentioned, please add the side mirrors when the real cars have them.

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