Quickie Article: A Few Hot Wheels Cool Collectibles ’59 Cadillacs

While waiting for a new battery for an older Sony digital camera, I had taken some quick pics with my phone to test some settings. Figured why not use the pics anyway?

The fantasy yellow and orange “woody” releases are both single Black Box releases. I have a third in a mint green but didn’t take pics with these for some reason. Easily one of the longest castings of the entire line, they just about completely fill out the acrylic case. These, along with the other Cadillacs from the line, are deceivingly heavy. Like others, the details are great. I’ll probably do more features on releases from the line showcasing how great these old cars are.

The black hardtop and purple convertible are part of the second Hard Rock Cafe 3-car set from 2001 (the mint woody mentioned above is from the first set in 1999). The third car was a hot pink ’63 Coupe De Ville. All three featured large Hard Rock Cafe logos on the trunk lids in that second set, though my convertible doesn’t have the logo (it was removed by prior owner). The ’59 hardtop is one of my favorite castings of the line, along with the ’63 Coupe De Ville.

So, yea, still working on getting my feet wet with this whole writing thing. I’m no word smith, that’s for sure. Anyway, anyone else now suddenly want a Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas Pop Culture series release? I know it’s an Impala and not a Caddy but still, a road boat is a road boat, right?

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  1. These are great. I’ve been wanting to track some of these down for a while, especially the woodies.

    Cadillac never produced a factory woody, but it wouldn’t be too hard to convert an ambulance or hearse into one.

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