Lamley Daily : Greenlight 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood with Shasta Airflyte

Model: Greenlight 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood series 60 & Shasta Airflyte

Line: Greenlight Hitch & Tow series 9

eBay Link: Greenlight Cadillac Fleetwood

Why I am featuring it: This is a very big classic car very well done by Greenlight. It is very big, and I like big cars. I have the first version of it in black, and in pink (I think it is an Elvis version).

But what makes this model is this brick red color and cream roof, with beige interior, and the assorted caravan. Man, what a lovely trailer set. It will consume space to expose it but it worth it.

Greenlight proposes the car with a quite discreet tow hook, extremely low, to hitch the Shasta Airflyte.

While the Cad gets a very descent finish, with bi-tone color and chrome parts, the Shasta gets only black painted windows. This may be the limit of the set.

I suppose that for the price tag, they did not develop clear windows forcing them to create the detailed interior of a caravan. Though, the caravan is all metal.

All in all, it is a very lovely mid 50’s trailer, quite unique in my collection, that I really love to have exposed. Do I dare to confess it is a true pleasure to play with it sometimes ? 🙂

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  1. One of GL’s very best castings. There’s also a light blue version. I guess, for the camper, it’s just cheaper to mold a shell with windows included instead of making them as a separate piece of plastic. Glad to see that they’ve been moving away from placing steam roller tires on everything towards tires that are more realistically scaled.

    1. Greenlight needs to go back to putting plastic insert headlights like back in the day instead of graphics or paint on their models. They have done it before and I know they can still do it.

    2. I think there are atleast 6 variations of GL’s fleetwood, but my favourite casting from GL of all time

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