Willdiecast’s top 10 models of 2022

My turn to do my homework with the famous top 10 each Lamley editor is doing at the end of the year. Or the beginning of the next one. It’s a though task, even if like me you try to collect less – or at least, you try to limit yourself to some brands.

Many of you know that I’m the Inno guy here, but I don’t collect Inno only. I try to keep in touch with AutoWorld, a brand I adore. But this year was not their best and I don’t really like where the brand is going, with endless Chevrolet pick ups, very modern castings or JDM cars. There is so much to do with classic American cars … I also collect the best of Tomica Limited Vintage but as far as I don’t want to mortgage my house, I go easy on this. I also like to watch all the Lamley YouTube videos about Hot Wheels and Matchbox (believe me that if I was American I would collect Hot Wheels A LOT), so I try to collect the models that really emerge – when I find them. Don’t forget my first collections I keep up to date with Matchbox and Norev. So, more or less, that is what my top 10 looks like.

Inno64 Range Rover “classic”

This very new casting of my favorite 1/64 brand is not really a surprise, as I was excepting it for a while. I absolutely adore the very stock look of this green version and the contrasted beige interior. I did a full article for the review of this great casting that I encourage you to read. You can find this casting on eBay.

Inno64 Jaguar XJ-S

This very new casting is a surprise, because I totally forgot Inno64 was tooling it! I did a full review of this car here. I just cannot get over this plain British racing green color, the stock look of this luxury coupe that a lot of people have forgotten. Here it’s glory day. (eBay link)

Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth “Batibouw” ETCC 1987 24h of Spa

Another easy choice as it was my favorite model of last year from Inno64, but 2022 finally brought what I believe is the best racing livery so far for this Sierra. I just wait rally liveries now.

Inno64 Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) V-Spec II Nür

In Millennium Jade. This color is the best color, according to me, for a R34. I adore the R34. I know it’s an easy choice but I finally have in my collection a near perfect 1/64 premium replica of this car. It surpasses my old but lovely Kyosho. And you only need to spend around 20$ to have it !

Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Lancia Thema 8.32 Phase II

This is probably my most anticipated model of the year. And it’s not over yet, two more colors are coming in early 2023. What a bomb, what a choice! Tomica Limited Vintage knows how to surprise collectors. Their European cars are always super sought after and I predict those Thema won’t escape the rule. The paint quality is as always amazing, and this time they really spent a lot of efforts to replicate the interior with wood! How cool is that ? The car gets an opening hood because it is a Ferrari engine inside, what the brand couldn’t not replicate. Prices are starting to go nuts, I advice you to have one quick.

Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Subaru Impreza Sports Wagon WRX STi Ver.

I could have gone with the yellow but the blue is more photogenic. For sure, this new model is going to be a very sought after Tomica and it deserves to be. Super clever choice, nice realization, it is a fine minicar. I love the green WRX on the back. Blue Impreza with gold rims are always winners.

Mini GT Porsche 911 (992) GT3 Touring Package

I have dedicated a little article (here) on this incredibly cool Touring Porsche in Agathe grey. Perfect color, perfect configuration wingless, perfect chrome. One of the best models of 2022.

Mini GT Lancia Stratos

It had to be here because of my love for the Lancia Stratos. I love it plain red with gold rims (so pure 70’s look!). This car is almost a little Ferrari but in Lancia’s mood. Mini GT replica is pretty neat, simple, clean. That’s a good one. (eBay link if you want one).

Norev Peugeot 5008 Police nationale

Cocorico. A French manufacturer making a French car of the French police. I’m in, because it is very well done for a 3 to 5€ car. Norev is a bit lost these days but sometimes, they wake up and make great cars. This is one of them. French police cars are now in silver grey with this new police nationale decoration, and Norev has the licence. Definitely a 2022 highlight.

Matchbox Opel Kadett C GT/E

This is probably the biggest surprise of my top 10, but I instantly knew when it was released that I wanted one. I’m not a big Matchbox collector (I’m often a bit disappointed of the casting when in hand – wheels, lack of deco, casting too small) but I adore this one (I would have preferred a full tampo on the front). This old school European car in bi-color is just too cool and unexpected. I hope to see more cars like this in future.

All in all, it has been a good year and pointing only 10 cars is a nightmare but this is where I am at the end of 2022 (beginning of 2023 actually). A good old top 10 is not a good top 10 without some honorable mentions, and what I have in mind is coming from Inno64. I couldn’t not highlight those 3.

A super cool touring car very well executed is always a joy, even if you absolutely don’t know the race the car did. This is the case for the underrated Toyota Corona Exiv from Macau race 1997.

Another Japan mostly unknown Skyline 2000 RS-X Turbo (DR30) from JTCC 1987 in a super nice yellow Mada and Tomy livery. The color and the wheels are just too cool. Good job on this one.

Finally, something had to be said about the Nissan Fairlady Z (300ZX) in Fuji Speedway Pace Car. What a livery! The 300 ZX is a very well done casting by Inno64 as I’ve already said, but this livery is really another level. The amount of details is really impressive for what you get. Don’t miss it!

Thank you for all the support during the year and see you soon for more cool diecast reviews!


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  1. Don’t like the look of the wheels nor the stance on that 992 Touring. The ‘simple’ Carrera 4S that Mini GT did before came out much better IMO

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