Meet a classic : Inno64 Range Rover “classic”

Inno64 strikes again. My previous article on the stunning Jaguar XJ-S talked about how cool is was to have a foray into the British classic cars, and Inno64 is pursuing. Nice, isn’t it ? After a cool and almost forgotten luxury coupe, it is time now to look at a cool hype 4×4 of the old British bourgeoisie: the Range Rover “classic”.

The premium diecast world is definitely in its golden age, and that is a good news for collectors. Sometimes it is strange how the same casting is suddenly made by multiple model makers. It is a bit the case here with a first Hot Wheels Dakar oriented Range Rover, then the Inno64 replica, just a few months before Mini GT. I guess that it is important to be quick on the draw. If you are like me, I don’t like to have multiples models of the same casting, and I will probably if it was the case, keep the one I think is the best replica.

Speaking of replica, Inno64 interpretation of this old British Classic is obviously very good and was subjected to a lot of research and choices. The result is a very accurate replica of a very nostalgic and not-so-easy to replicate 4×4.

I used to have in my collection an old Majorette fire truck Range Rover, that never really looked like a Range Rover, such as a Corgi British Police one, and then a cool 4-doors Hot Wheels. I also had a nice dark green Solido model (1/43 scale). It was about time to have a decent and strict 1/64 replica of this very desirable old British machine, knowing that the Dakar possibilities are not far away (yes!).

Making a Range Rover for a brand like Inno64 is obviously an open door to make racing variations, like Dakar as mentioned but also Camel Trophy cars. Easy choice, legendary aventure. Don’t ask me how it is allowed to have a tobacco logo on the doors, but it’s fine with me as it is authentic. Please refer to the large amount of informations on the internet about the Camel Trophy, as we are talking diecast here.

As always, the brand is offering two colors or variations straight away – in fact here four, two Camel Trophy in clean and dirty deco, and two street liveries in white and green. Camel Trophy versions are coming with a little bag with accessories (jerricans, boxes for tools) that to be honest are not that interesting as it isn’t filling the roof rack completely. Speaking of the roof racks, they come with the car and have additional lights and grids. They are nice. We must also notice the additional bull bars and specific mirrors. They also come left hand drive and spare tires are on the roof racks. I love all those details and specialties. You can also notice the black pillar, on the rear.

Regarding the street versions, that are surprisingly my favorites so far, I just adore the old British style they have such as their pure stock look. They are the first generation of Range Rover (classic) and get their old school look with orange turn signals, mirrors on the hood and vintage rims. Interiors are in a nice dark beige that is absolutely insane on the green version. Spare wheel is inside and this time both are coming right hand drive.

Finally, regarding the model itself, I can assure that the Inno team spent a lot of efforts to replicate with the most accuracy they could this Range Rover. Wheels are accurate, such as mudguards and the mirrors, or even the silver touch on the very last windows. The quality of the mold must be highlighted, with the most thin pillars they could do with a diecast mold. I also admire the delicacy of the black trims of the windows. Finally about the overall looking of the car, please observe the accuracy of the roof and the flap around it (like a kind of cap). It is a bit like if a single piece was put on the very top of the car, which is like reality. All those details are very welcome, and you will not have them on other Range Rover replicas from other brands.

All in all, I’m totally in with those new Range Rover and I can’t wait to see Dakar liveries. Until, don’t hesitate to have some for your collection (you can find them on eBay).

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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  1. IMHO slightly bigger wheels are needed on the Camel version; looks like they have used the same as on the street version – on which they look fine because those ones looked like that as they were only used for driving the kids to school. The dirty Camel one looks as though the same wheels have been used but just dirtied. Nice otherwise but puny wheels are not a good look on a rally wagon.

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