Matchbox Monday doubles up with Retro D and Cruisers B

This week, I am going a little nuts on new stuff. I felt I had to. Things were starting to get too far behind. This does mean no dive back at all to finish. This was enough for me. Firstly, I went through Retro batch D. Typical. As soon as I published batch C, and hypothesized that D might not arrive due to Target removing pegs for them, we start seeing a few pops up in Indonesia. Luckily, a friend called Aldy Prayogo from Indonesia, helped me to get them. He goes by @matchboxindonesia on Instagram.

I then also went through Local Cruisers batch B. These are all going to be on the Wheel Collectors site, and you can click here to go to the blog. I hope you enjoy the read. It is pretty much all new stuff this week.

5 Replies to “Matchbox Monday doubles up with Retro D and Cruisers B”

  1. If any help to any UK folk.
    I found today a Matchbox service garage HDL34 action drivers set at £6.99.
    Home bargains….. May stock different at others?… Very random and no Chinese stickers.

    1. I’d heard about them too. If the exclusivity deal with Tesco has supposedly ended then I hope to see other ranges in the UK. Wishful thinking..

      1. I hope Tesco do still get supplied in due cause… They were always fair on pricing of what/when and where they had stock.
        I just still find it bizarre how Tesco’s was made into being the main suppliers for whole brand!…
        I hope the brand do get opened up in the UK.
        The other route I hope doesn’t happen is where there will be no UK suppliers for 8/9 months or more. Just like Asda days.
        Who knows?!….
        Spy on HTI distribution links!!!… Put some Matchbox in Hotwheels boxes!!!…
        Anyhows I hope to see this brand in every outlets.👍😁

    2. An interesting development is that Morrisons once again are stocking Matchbox like they used to before the exclusive deal with Asda began back in 2016. Only singles and 5 packs at the moment but definitely a step in the right direction.

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