A crush : Mini GT Porsche GT3 911 (992) GT3 Touring

It is a crush. I did not see it coming, and while I had it on my office sitting on its little box looking at me, it was the definitive love story. I don’t expect too much about Mini GT, a brand I collect sporadically, but this time they got me. This very discreet Porsche 911 GT3 Touring is absolutely amazing for the price, and the quality it is.

A Porsche GT3 Touring is aimed at being discreet (as far as a Porsche can be a discreet vehicle) with the big GT3 spoiler less. You can easily imagine you have in hand a super powerful car with a (rather) wise looking car. It’s a combination I am totally able to love. GT3 is obviously a dream car, Touring is growing on me.

Mini GT is gently pursuing the production of recent Porsche replicas and this GT3 Touring discreetly appeared in the latest batches, at least here in France. Mini GT is part of TSM, being part of Minimax (understand Spark planet) so distribution is quit easy in France with Minimax distributor.

The stance of the car is near perfection, it rolls and get a metal chassis (for those who care). The paint quality is remarkable as this Agathe Grey metallic is a perfect balance between brilliant and metallic. Chrome are good and I’m not even crying about the absence of disks and calipers (the rims are good enough to mask the absence). The rear lateral window could have been more rounded, but it’s OK.

All in all, this little 1/64 replica from Mini GT is a total must have. It fits absolutely in my Mini GT collection turned to Bentley, Porsche and Lancia. And it costs only 12€! Have one before it’s too late.


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  1. I am a big fan of the Mini GT models, especially the Porsches. I love they are doing different versions and subtle variations. For the price point they are hard to beat. This one is great and likely not to be done by other brands. The color is great and in real life would be a sleeper Porsche if there is such a thing.

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