New casting alert ! Jaguar XJ-S by Inno64

What a beauty. I have it in front of me while writing these lines, and I can assure you it is a total must have. And also a good surprise ! I honestly did not see it coming, and it is very welcome. Let me introduce you the so british new casting Jaguar XJ-S.

The Jaguar XJ-S is a luxury coupe from the 80’s (actually 1975) that was produced during 20 years, until 1996! It is, in a way, the follow of the very famous Jaguar E-type. With it’s big V12, this car is long, large, flat and luxurious.

Inno64 is a brand that I largely cover here in Lamley and I cannot say enough that what they do for the price is amazing. I can truly assure you that the boss and the team are pure car nuts and I lust admit that this casting choice is very clever. From time to time, Fransisco is asking me and the Lamley team what casting choices could be done. Correct me if I’m wrong, but nobody had the idea of this Jaguar. I’ve said it to Fransisco, and I’m saying it here again : what a cool idea. Would this casting have been made if it did not win the Macau Grand Prix back in time ? Maybe not. But who cares ? As far as Mr Lamley is saying it in his Hot Wheels Fast and Furious videos, who cares if a series or a legendary race brings us such cool new casting. Maybe it’s the case here, maybe not. But I’m sure I’m happy with this new Jaguar casting. It is a nice follow into European cars, after the best Inno64 casting of last year (according to the poll of 2021) : the Ford Sierra Cosworth.

In pure Inno64 fashion, 3 different versions are right away offered to collectors. One street version in classic British Racing Green and two race versions, one from ETCC Spa Francorchamps 1984 Winner (TWR) and a 1984 JPS Macau Winner.

Let’s start with my favorite of the 3 : the street classic British Racing Green. Why is it my favorite ? Easy. Stunning wheels with a nice relief and a stunning wood interior. Wow. Look at this interior with white leather seats. It is so british. Inno64 is paying a lot of attention to the interiors of the cars, which makes the difference with a random brand.

The front is treated with a lot of care too, with a nice grill and detailed headlights but the rear is taking the cake. The treatment of the headlights is amazing, with etched parts for the logos. The exhausts are also top notch. It is perfectly highlighted by the white base.

The racing versions are easily the favorites of many of you and I can totally understand that. The TWR Racing is a legendary motor racing team (standing for Tom Walkinshaw Racing) mostly known for its association to Jaguar with the XJ-S and the successful years of ETCC but also with the later entry to the 24h of LeMans with the winning XJR-9 car in 1990.

The ETCC Spa-Francorchamps 1984 winner is an easy choice, and a logic choice. TWR at it’s best, with a color scheme very famous in british racing green and white. The casting has been modified a bit to be a race car, with a roll cage, a modified interior, modified mirrors, the add of an antenna and holes on the rear trunk (gas?) and finally new exhausts on the side. The lack of exhaust in the rear is authentic. I love this version a lot too, but I would have preferred, once again, a more lowered and agressive reproduction. How ? by using more racing type tires. Tires seem to be a tad small and not wide enough to really feel the track.

While the ETCC is probably very well known by many of you, the second from Macau Grand Prix 1984 is probably less known. Still from Tom Walkinshaw Racing (actually, the man is driving), this black version is sporting the legendary JPS (John Player Special) livery, that everybody on the planet know with the Lotus Formula ones. This Macau version has been issued for the 2022 Macau Grand Prix set, including 4 cars (presentation of this set will come later). What a cool livery it is. The car is not particularly highlighted by the packaging, very dark for a black car, but how lovely it is to have a JPS car.

All in all, this new Jaguar mold, and the first foray of Inno64 into Jaguar, is a total blast. This classic coupe is not an easy model to replicate. It’s long, it’s low but has fine details with the particular headlights and grille for example. I’m sure we can have many nice recolors for this one, street and race. I’m totally in, and I cannot push enough to have more European cars from Inno64. Enough Civic and Trueno/Levin : bring the Renault 5 turbo, rally versions of the Sierra and more Jaguar!

You can find this Jaguar XJ-S on eBay easily, don’t hesitate!

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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  1. I love this model. Like you said, out of left field and awesome. I hope it leads to more versions. I would love to see a maroon or dark blue with gold lace wheels. Who knows maybe even a TWR aero kit version. The XJ-S is a model I have loved since first seeing it in the early 80s. I got to have a go at one when in college and for that time to do the speeds we did with stability and smoothness made me a forever fan.

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