Chevy vs Ford: Unboxing a couple of M2’s SEMA 2021 exclusives

Late last year I wrote about the diecast highlights from the 2021 SEMA Show (click here if you’ve not read that article). At the time of writing, I didn’t have any of the M2 Machines SEMA exclusives in hand because although I was able to order those models at the show, delivery usually follows in December. Despite the current logistical challenges, they arrived as advertised just before Christmas. There were even a couple of postcards included, signed by designer, Sean Taylor. A nice touch!

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As previously mentioned, I’m not a fan of the squished 1960 VW Delivery Van so I didn’t order that case, but you’ll find plenty of photos elsewhere. That leaves us with a battle of two fan favourites: Chevy vs Ford, Gasser vs Bronco.

Let’s start with the 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air Gasser.

Like the Bronco, it was issued in two versions: a ‘Limited’ edition of 800 pieces and a ‘Chase’ of 400, the latter distinguished by gold chrome. I’ve opened a Limited for photography here.

The NHRA anniversary deco will be familiar to anyone who bought M2’s 2020 SEMA Willys Gasser (see here for more on that one, and comparison pic below).

The packaging follows a similar theme, too.

I’m not a Gasser collector but this Chevy looks good in gold and I’m sure it will appeal to Gasser fans.

Now for the Bronco!

Ford’s new incarnation of the classic Wrangler-rival was arguably the car of the show at SEMA 2021, with countless aftermarket companies keen to show new products for a vehicle that was designed with ease of customization in mind. Bronco models are a hot trend right now, too, with new castings last year from Matchbox and Hot Wheels.

M2 has issued versions of ’66 and ’71 Broncos, and it’s the latter that forms the base of its SEMA 2021 exclusive. Again, this is not a model that I would normally buy for my collection, but this release looks pretty sensational in orange and black, with matching card art for the blister pack.

I think I might prefer the extra black on the Limited to the gold-trimmed Chase, but they both look sharp. In an age of fussy decos, it’s nice to see something as clean and understated as this Ford Performance/Bronco-branded livery.

As you can see, I opened a Chase for these photos. Disappointingly there was an issue with one of the wheels on the example I had but M2 kindly let me photograph their show sample instead. It arrived after a lengthy customs delay at the Canadian border – you can see from a couple of chips that it’s been around the block!

I know that M2 has also credited a few customers whose Broncos suffered from a production problem with the hoods. No one should receive a model that’s less than perfect, especially at this price point, but good customer service always deserves recognition.

And that’s it. As ever with the M2 SEMA exclusives, eBay is the place you’re most likely to find them. Happy hunting!

(find M2 SEMA 2021 on eBay)

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3 Replies to “Chevy vs Ford: Unboxing a couple of M2’s SEMA 2021 exclusives”

  1. I am definitely more a fan of the Bronco. Gassers just don’t do much for me. But also as nice as these M2 Broncos are, I am holding out (or at least trying to) for a stock height and hood version before adding it to the garage.

    Also the M2 is much better done that the similar Greenlight.

  2. Is it really a “Chase” if it’s just a regular version limited to 800 pcs sold at SEMA? Wouldn’t it just be the SEMA exclusive and the Gold trimmed version is the Chase?

    1. Fair point! I’d read Chase and Super Chase somewhere but I checked back and M2 calls them Limited and Chase. Text updated!

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