Hot Wheels Mario Kart – The Collection So Far…

When Hot Wheels revealed they were going to take on the Mario Kart series, I knew I’d be diving in. It’s two of my hobbies molded into one thing, so of course I was. Honestly I think the line could be a goldmine for Mattel, but we’ll see how it goes.

When the line debuted in 2019, I knew there’d be some karts I wouldn’t bother getting. The Mach 8 and Sneaker, in particular (at least for now, we’ll see what happens as the line continues). Most others are fair game for my set.

As I figured would be the case, the “Standard Kart” is the one featured the most. And there are a LOT of them.

The Plumber Brothers!
Princesses! Peach and Cat Peach, along with Rosalina up front. Carded Rosalina was a Gamestop exclusive, until she was featured in a recent 4 pack.
A couple baddies in Wario and Dry Bones. This Dry Bones release was a favorite release of 2020.
Triple Yoshis!
Shy Guys! Just need yellow now haha
D. K. !
Tanooki Mario! Here’s hoping he can stomp out some fire!
Toad! Hoping for some more colors of this guy.

The B-Dasher, Sports Coupe, P-Wing, Circuit Special, Pipe Frame and Bad Wagon are the remaining Karts I do go after. The new Wild Wing will find its way in as well (once I find the Mario one I have…).

B-Dashers with red Shy Guy, green Yoshi and Baby Mario. You gotta admit, the Baby Mario one is cute, haha
Circuit Special with green Koopa Troopa and Luigi
P-Wing with Princess Peach, Mario and black Yoshi
Bad Wagon with Waluigi and Bowser. REALLY hoping we get a Waluigi on Standard Kart soon.
Pipe Frame with Diddy Kong and green Yoshi. This is probably the most accurate to an actual go-cart in the series besides maybe the Standard Kart, haha
Sports Coupe with Lakitu and Donkey Kong.

There was also an interesting set that came out earlier this year. The Yoshi Mystery Eggs! This was honestly a perfect idea. There were 8 different Yoshi colors, each Kart placed in a Yoshi Egg container! I know it may seem dumb but it was a unique way to get some more colors of Yoshis, plus even Light Blue, Green and Blue Yoshi were different than their prior released counterparts because the wheels on the Mystery Egg ones are blue instead of black.

Yoshi eggs! Pink, white, green, orange, black, light blue, blue and yellow.

There were even a few wheel variations among the single releases. Koopa Troopa Circuit Special, Shy Guy B-Dasher and Wariro Standard Kart all came with either gray or chrome hubs on the wheels. The chrome ones were the later releases from later mixes they were included in.

So that’s what I have for now. There’s still plenty I need to go after, like the orange Shy Guy on Standard Kart (currently only in 4 packs), Luigi in P-Wing (also currently only in 4 packs), Mario on Bad Wagon (another 4 pack only currently) and King Boo on Standard Kart (I think in the Rainbow Road trackset, for now anyway). I do have a couple of the glider releases, but very few will likely find their way to my collection in general. Bowser on Standard Kart (not the glider release) along with Princess Daisy on the Wild Wing are needed as well, but haven’t come across them yet. Bowser Jr in the Flame Flyer (the first non-Mario Kart 8 kart going to be featured) was previewed in the San Diego Comicon video from Mattel, and that’s looking great! Hoping some others end up happening, like Waluigi on Standard Kart, Wario on Bad Wagon, maybe Koopa Troopa on Pipe Frame (red one would be nice). There’s still a bunch more characters yet to show, like the seven Koopalings, Dry Bowser, Link, Toadette and Baby versions of Luigi, Princess Peach, Princess Rosalina and Princess Daisy.

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