Matchbox Monday finishes off 2021 Batch D basics

Yes it is that time of the week again, when I go nuts with a load of Matchbox models. As is often the case, these have been provided to me by Wheel Collectors (that’s a direct link to their Matchbox eBay page) who sent them over both in long blister and in power grab boxes for me to showcase. Thanks guys. At the moment I have been having fun doing the power grab boxes just to be a little different, and as I noted a few weeks back when I showcased the first half, I am busy making my reports just a little larger now as I am slowly drifting behind. Not that I am complaining, as this just means that Matchbox is pumping out so many good items nowadays. It is harder to keep up. This means basics are being split in halves, not thirds. So this half is the final 8 from batch D.

My order this time is, err, the order I picked them up in. Totally random. So I am starting with the MB765 ’64 Austin Mini Cooper 1275S. This release is the 2nd time that the casting has managed to achieve 3 years in a row in the basic range. It debuted in 2009 and ran until 2011, then popped up again in 2013 and 2017 before its second continuous run starting in 2019.

This time out the model is in a pale blue with a white checker roof design. Minis, both classic and modern, are often seen with some sort of rood design. Whether it be the British flag or something else, they are quite common, and checkers are one of the more common designs. This is the 3rd time we have seen a checkered effect after the 2010 Walmart (or ROW due to a mix-up) basic range with partial checks, and the 2010 Lesney Edition. So this is the first checkered look for 11 year. Always nice to see, and we have never had a pale blue before. So something a bit different there too.

I like the look of this one. Pale blue is a known Austin Mini colour choice and this one looks lovely. Of course it does have that grey base section which always tends to leave lines on the model. I don’t know why. It only really seems to be grey that does that. Or is it just the only plastic it is noticeable on?

Next up in the randomizer (yes I make words up) is the MB1207 ’41 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible Coupe. As it says on the box. The base only gets as far as series 62 due to space limitations.

This model is being sold as MB34 in the 2021 range and comes in a deep cream look. Definitely stunning, and if you click this You Tube Link you can see a quick 42 second snapshot of a real one in a new window. When you see that, then you see this, definitely, this is cool.

The brown interior compliments the cream body very well, and as all releases of the model have see so far, it is all joined together with simple detailing down the front and sides.

Plus, well this is me, I have found a small shade to the cream. I don’t know if you can see the one on the left is a darker shade to the one on the right.

Perhaps a rear view might show it better. It just looks a bit darker, more yellow in hue. I love it!

This is the second basic range issue after the 2020 green MB9, and back to the top down variant.

After being sold with the top up in the Cadillac Series batch A earlier this year in black.

This is not the last we see of this casting, as a future report will bring a lovely 4th addition to this model.

Ooh! A new casting. The MB1247 ’21 Ford Bronco. Taking the MB21 slot for 2021 is this magnificent new casting of the iconic rebirth of the Bronco. Matchbox went with the 4-door version for this issue, as next year a second Bronco with only 2 doors will also be joining us in Matchbox-land.

I have to say, this model looks stunning. From the low look to the passenger area to the excellent detailing to the front tampo printing, I really like how this model looks, and feels. Honestly it feels really solid in hand. Terrific work by the team on this casting. You may notice the little raised areas on the front corners. These are Hood Trail sights. Something that Ford added to the Bronco as a means of gauging where the edge of the vehicle is when inside, and they are doubled up as a hook with a 150lb weight capability. the fact that Matchbox included those too just shows the attention to detail here. I love the detailing to the wing mirrors too. They are not just lumps sticking out the side.

It is so well crafted both outside and in. I didn’t really get a good shot of in the inside, but they really put their heart and soul into this model. I can tell.

The final look too. This colour is a real Bronco colour called Rapid Red and the little tampo details including the highly detailed Ford badge on the back are just the icing on the cake. Can you tell I am very impressed with this model?

A shot of the base for those interested in seeing those. Quite plain really this one, with details across the front and rear, but the main area simply left blank for the legal details on the model.

Whoa! another new casting in my lottery. The MB1231 ’20 Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake. This is sweet! Another wagon, or estate, or as the title suggests, a shooting brake. This is number 5 of 100 in the 2021 range, and after having a classic Mercedes-Benz wagon in recent years, we now get a modern Mercedes-Benz wagon to complement it. Mind you, I am still for them to release a new Mercedes-Benz convertible. After the 230SL Convertible landed in 1966 running until 1972, this was replaced with the 350SL in 1974 (granted top was up for the first 8 years) until 1983. Then it was the 500SL in 1990 which ran until 1994 (and again briefly in 1999) . The CLK also began in 1999 running until 2005 which was swapped out by the SL55 AMG in 2005 which ran until 2009. But we have not seen a convertible Mercedes-Benz since the end of the 2000s. We are due!

but while we wait, it is time to have a close up with this one. I do really like it. It looks so sexy in black. Mercedes-Benz call it Cosmos Black. There was a worry when we saw the first pictures that it was a 3-part build with no interior, but there is definitely one there.

you can see it through the open side windows. It is just the windows are very dark. Perhaps a little too dark? A lighter smoke might have been a bit better for it, just to help break up the overall look a little more, but other than that I think this is a very lovely model.

The best part for me is that the front and rear have been set up in a way that they need to be tampo printed. I don’t think we are going to see a release with sides and not front/rear printing. But vehicles like this I always think should see more emphasis on the front and rear, even though the first sight of them in a blister is sideways on. I am very impressed with it, and look forward to seeing more releases of it in the future. Although I do hope they lighten the window tint up a bit in the future.

Again, a new casting so a base shot showing off this one being a little more detailed with an exhaust system running through the middle of it. I do enjoying seeing plenty of modern vehicles in the range too. A 2021 Ford Bronco, a 2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake. Classics are cool, but so can modern vehicles as shown by these 2. And I do enjoy a wagon.

I also enjoy seeing returns. The MB807 Holden VE Ute SSV, which is now dated as a 2008 vehicle takes the MB64 slot in 2021. It was last seen in the basic range back in 2013. So it has been 8 years since the last one was in the range. It appears perfectly timed too with the Ute 70th Anniversary logo shown on the box too.

Sadly my one had a small issue with the tampo printing of the 70th Anniversary logo on the rear. It happens. These are affectionately known as $1 toys after all, even though in most countries outside of USA they cost a lot more. The UK where I am is £1.25 which works out at around $1.75 US, but I hear other countries can be a lot higher than that.

But a small smudging aside, this model is a beaut! I believe that’s the right term if you are Australian. Please correct me if I am wrong. White with front and rear tampo, as well as an orange stripe that rounds all around the lower edge of the model. I don’t know if it is down to clever manipulation of the placement of the model while tampo printing that has managed to get this achieved due to their 2-passes rule in basics or whether they had a special dispensation to up the passes for this model. But either way. I love it! I think this is my favourite look for this model.

Even the wheels, with the centre being hot foil printed but not the perimeter of wheel section just adds to the style and grace of this model. It may have been 8 years since we had a basic range issue of it, but it was definitely worth the wait!

Another white model. The MB1090 ’17 Honda Civic. Taking the MB98 slot for 2021 it now comes in platinum white, as Honda like to call it.

I like these regular road going vehicles. The earlier Honda Civic casting was a Type R with large rear wing, but this is your average run of the mill Civic, and I like it. It looks refreshing in white, and the front and rear prints just set it off so well.

It appeared to sell in the UK around where I am, as it was never one of the ones that tended to be left as the box was dwindling down. I never seemed to find it as a straggler. I am very happy with it. I remember on one of my trips to USA (when I was able to go) seeing the older blue issue in large quantities in plenty of stores. I don’t know if this has not been too popular in USA either, but as I said, around near me it has done well.

Hmm! I did mention it. This was the blue in question. The 2018 MB7. It was the debut version of the casting, which I never noticed a lot of locally, but when I went to USA it was everywhere.

The following year was to date my last trip to USA and while there the 2019 MB8 in red was available, as well as still more blues. I did find a few of the red ones in stores, but still outnumbered by blues, which when paired with the white one has “Honda” and “Civic” as the license plates. I love these little touches. They really should make one that has 2017 as the license plate, and then you could line up all 3 with 2017 Honda Civic written across the back. Ideas for the future.

2020 saw the model getting a 3rd outing but not in the basic range, with this being the 3rd basic range outing. For 2020 it was now black in the City Adventure II 5-pack.

For 2021 it is in both ranges as the basic is white, and for the 5-packs it is a lovely dark blue in the MBX City Drivers pack.

This makes for 5 different versions to date of the 2017 Honda Civic. No greys as yet, and I think there are a number of grey options for real Honda Civics to go with. Mind you, the latest one in white matched up with the Honda CVCC this year in white. Perhaps they could go with a yellow one to match last year’s CVCC.

Yay! The MB1187 ’10 Ford F-150 Animal Control Truck comes in a different colour. After 2 years with very similar looks, 2021 sees a nice yellow and dark grey combo. And yes, grey, as mentioned with the Mini, so it tends to streak. You can see it here too. I never understand why.

Taking the MB87 slot for the 2021 range this yellow is a nice change to the 2 whites we had before. I was hoping for a significantly different look this time out. So I am happy with this one.

I know a lot of people are never keen on plastic, but I do find it tends to give us a sharper attention to detail. Just look at the front end, with the lights and grille carefully pointed out in the plastic cab section, yet the grappling hook and lower lights in the metal base section which forms the front loses some of the detail due to the paint addition. It’s a catch-22 situation. Or something like that. I honestly don’t mind certain vehicles being constructed this way.

But as I did mention the 2 white ones, I guess I should bring them in for a closer look.

It debuted as MB81 in the 2019 basic range in white with a simple Animal Control side design.

Which in 2020 turned in to MB32 with a few minor tweaks to the design.

As seen in this shot, they were pretty close to each other in design and overall look. the fact is the new one isn’t actually too far removed in the side design for the model, but being yellow with a darker grey rear does make for a significant difference. But there is one more thing I bet nobody has cottoned on to yet. It debuted as Unit 5, then in 2020 became Unit 4.

The new one is Unit 3. A little tiny print over the front wheels. It’s counting down. To what> I have no idea. But if the next issue is not Unit 2, I am going to be severely disappointed! Ha ha!

Which brings me to the last model in this batch. the MB1208 LEVC TX Taxi. It takes the MB46 slot in the 2021 in err, metallic black.

It appears that this release is the same as the 2020 debut issue and also the Best of UK/Global issue from earlier in 2021. I am unsure as to why we got this carried over again as the debut was actually in 2 batches rather than 1, so it was around 4 months instead of 2, then we got the Best of lot, and now this. Being in the UK I can tell you, it hasn’t sold. Which is really sad. I thought it was a lovely casting. Yes I know it was a 3-piece build so has no interior, but I looked past that. The shape was spot on. They nailed it. This is how the LEVC looks. But it is metallic. The UK Tends to use solid black taxicabs, not metallic. Although technically they do appear in other colours too, if given a choice they don’t just go metallic. They appear in red, white or blue. I am not sure why those 3 colours tend to be the ones chosen in the UK which has a red, white and blue flag. But for the life of me I don’t think I have ever seen a metallic black taxicab in the UK. I might not have been paying enough attention. I was really hoping after last year that this one would be solid black. Perhaps lighten the window just a bit. A dark smoke works just as well as a solid black window piece, and perhaps make it look a little better.

I am hoping that next year, when we get a moving parts version of this model that we get a solid black release too. I can’t wait to see it. I assume the rear suicide doors will be the opening part, and obviously it must be getting an interior as you will be seeing inside. I also hope that this model gets to see some alternate colours. I just think this particular one was just too much all in such a short space of time.

But as I am here, I will bring in the 2020 basic range, which when checked against the Best of issue, I found nothing of note to talk about. I know somebody did find a shade to the rear license plate on the debut release with the yellow coming a little pale on one compared to the other darker shade. But I did not find that.

But what I did notice was the light cluster. the earlier issues are quite a light red.

But the new run appears to be a pretty dark shade of red. Definitely noticeable. So yeah, I have 2 of them now. I couldn’t find a shade to the license plate, but I have found a shade to the lights. Onwards and upwards. Here’s hoping for a different colour next time out. White being the most obvious choice, as I see quite a few of those about.

So that brings me to the end of my rundown of the rest of batch D. The last 8 of the batch of 17. But for those who like a little case-diving, stick around as I continue with some older models.

And I am starting in a funny way as this is inspired by the Cadillac Series 62. I know it is a stretch, but how else am I going to get to one of the Lesney fantasy vehicles? Woosh-N-Push.

This was part of a massive change from the Lesney company at the time. Until 1968 they were doing pretty well with their range of small vehicles based on real vehicles you would see on the streets, with wheels that would turn if you pushed the model along. Pretty simple. But then Mattel came along with their new products that had friction-less wheels and you could let go and it would continue rolling. Lesney knew they had major competition and hurriedly worked on changing their models. By late 1969 Superfast was born and 5 brand new castings were released along with the first 5 that were swapped over from what was now dubbed “regular wheels” into Superfast. These 10 grew into a full series of 75 over the next few years, but as things evolved quickly so did other things. For starters they came up with this fast rolling track to roll the cars down. Easy enough, but the wheels they developed were too thin and many were too far in to the model for stability purposes so wider wheels were developed and in many cases wheel arches enlarged to accommodate them as they were best suited being on the edge of the model. But this still wasn’t enough and in 1971 they started creating fantasy models too. Over the next few years the basic range become saturated with these designs replacing many of the vehicles that people knew and loved. They didn’t last too long as by the end of the decade things were mainly back to where they were with the realistic vehicles. But for a while in the mid 1970s the Matchbox range was full of these fantasy vehicles. One of the them was MB58-B Woosh-N-Push. It arrived in 1972 replacing a DAF Girder Truck and lasted until 1976. For 4 of the 5 years it was yellow.

The default label for this model was a black with 2 label. But as often happened, during label shortages they swapped in the flower label from the MB13-B Beach Buggy .

Of course the flower label itself can come in either an orange or red look if you look closely enough.

As they moved into the final year of production they decided to change the look of the model. It was going to be burgundy with a pale yellow interior instead of yellow with a red interior. Of course they never time things well and started making the pale yellow interiors before they finished up assembling the yellow models, and a final batch saw a nice crossover.

After that the burgundy model arrived. There is no alternate crossover, as no burgundy model has been found with a red interior. As a rule they left the label as it was. The black with 2 label was perfectly fine. But then they ran out, and because they couldn’t be bothered to reprint it or make anything new, they just finished up production with another loan label.

The 8 label from MB48-B Pi-Eyed Piper. Of course this label could be found facing either way for a little fun, and you might notice the shade of burgundy is slightly different between these 2. Some come out a little more red, some a little more purple. It’s what they were good at. After that the model was retired and replaced in 1977 by a Faun Dump Truck which, through alterations into MB209 (removing Faun) and MB710 (changing to plastic dump) is still going. Last seen in a 2020 Mission Force set.

So next up as I bounce through the years would be the MB121 Ruff Trek.

As many know, Ruff Trek was a quick hatchet job done on the older MB60-C Holden Pick-up Truck from 1977 when Universal first took over the brand as a way to make it look like they had more new castings than they actually did. Development of new items had slowed down to a crawl in the last months of the Lesney era as people thought it was all over. When news broke that they were being saved, they grabbed a bunch of items and altered them into something new. So this being inspired by the return of the Honden Ute to the basic range is my next dive back.

This casting saw a bullbar added to the front, exhausts out the side, a jacked up rear and the motorbike section was altered into a rollbar with lights and additional equipment. They also popped off the tow hook. I mean, a jacked up rear with a tow hook might have been a bit silly.

It made no reference to being a Holden any longer. Just had Ruff Trek written on it, but still had the 1977 copyright date to it. I still remember when I first picked it up. Yeah, going on a tangent. I was 10-11 years old (it was 1983) and I was bought this by my parents at my local Woolworth store (I still miss Woolworth). We went to the car and I ripped the model out of the package to play with on the car ride home and looked at the base. Made in…. Huh? What is Macau? I asked my parents. They were as confused as I was. When we got home, we pulled out the family atlas (I think they still have it) and hunted it down. There it was, at the south end of China. So why didn’t they put China? Well at the time, Macau was actually Portuguese. The Ming Dynasty had leased it out to Portugal in 1557 and it only reverted back to being a part of China officially in 1999. Even now, if you head out to the Macau area of China, you would find a lot of Portuguese speakers there. That was something I had never learned in school. I guess my parents didn’t either. Obviously the last bit about moving back to China in 1999 we wouldn’t have, because we were all out of school then. But anyway, back to the model. It debuted as MB58 in the basic range worldwide (one of only a few that took the same number everywhere) and the first 2 years saw the model in tan. With 2 years of production you can find shades of tan body, shades of maroon in the tampo, and even shades of amber window.

In 1984 a unique Japanese issue in white was made too. This was sold there as MB63 for 3 years and no major notes have been reported over variations, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any. Just not been as easy to recognize.

the main MB58 changed to a 217 liveried white model in 1985 where it ran for 2 years until the model was dropped from the basic range, but still retained the amber window from the earlier tan model.

This model was also then added to the Team Matchbox series as a support vehicle alongside a Chevy Pro Stocker on Kenworth Trailer as TM-3 as the year progressed, and a second Ruff Treck in Super Brut Faberge Racing livery was also the support vehicle to the TM-4 set of a Corvette on Kenworth.

Later on the 217 model reverted to clear windows in production during 1986.

Whereas the Brut model saw a production run where they accidentally inserted the red interior section from the 217 model in the Brut model. Those ones are not easy to locate.

As Team Matchbox ran until 1989 sets came and went. TM-3 and TM-4 were both dropped after 1986, but that year saw TM-5 arrive, and again we had the Ruff Trek being used as the support vehicle. It was now a 7-Up liveried model. This set which also had the Chevy Pro Stocker on Kenworth ran until 1989 and some shading can be found on the green, but that was it. As production was moving out of Macau, Team Matchbox never went with it.

1987 saw Matchbox release a series called Roadblasters. These ran for 2 years and featured models with additional elements to them in a lot of cases. Vehicles were split into 2 factions, with this being in the Turbo Force team. It was called Carpow!

The base vehicles was actually almost the same as a standard Ruff Trek. The only change was the items in the rear were changed into a new item.

But then you could attach the armaments to the model for a completely different look.

The pincers on the front worked too. You squeezed at the rear and they would open up to enable the model to grab items. Pretty cool. Although the one thing that was really strange about this was the series itself. It ran 2 years with production in Macau. But in late 1991, for some reason unknown to me, Matchbox created a licensing deal with Tomy. the models were recreated, although production now was in Thailand, and they were marketed exclusively in the Japanese market. But they were placed in Tomy boxes with no mention of Matchbox on the packaging. It was only when you took them out you would see Matchbox on the bases. I don’t actually own any of these yet as they are proving rather elusive to find.

But with that random Tomy affiliation aside, after Roadblasters came a couple of 1989 issues in multipacks. One was in a James Bond Gift Set. As part of a tie-in to the film “A License To Kill”, a large gift set featuring 2 Skybusters, a Convoy and this miniature was released.

And a second, yellow Ruff Trek appeared in another multipack. MC-9 featured this, a Porsche 959, Mercedes-Benz 280GE and Ford Supervan II all in exclusive designs, as well as an F1 Racer on Kenworth Transporter. The set ran through 1991 and in 1990 production moved from Macau to Thailand. But this was the last new release of the model as it was retired after this.

Okay so I now I stretch. Hatchback meet hatchback. Do you know when I came up with this new plan of doing a 4-model dive-back on each report, with a loose Lesney/1970s, Universal/1980s, Tyco/1990s, Mattel/2000s vibe, ever since my most difficult choice appears to always be the same. What to do with the Tyco/1990s model. I don’t know why. They seem to be the toughest for me to link to. And seriously, that was about as close as I could get with this one. The new Honda Civic in the current batch is a white hatchback, so I go with a white hatchback.

The MB252 Ford Escort RS Cosworth. Just like Ruff Trek, this was unusual as it debuted as the same number worldwide. MB52 in 1994. It came in a rally theme based on a real one that was in use at the time. Small variations could be found that year, which was mainly around the tampo printing. Particularly the red print which could come out quite a bright red, or a dark maroon. Although part of that may be down to the fact that production started in Thailand and moved to China mid-way through the year.

In 1995 it continued and as was the case all spiral wheels in the basic range were gold in 1994 and all turned chrome in 1995 so this swapped over.

But then they decided to flip the plastic sections about. The blue interior turned white.

And in turn the white base turned blue. I have not heard of any crossover, so it appears this was all done in one go.

In 1996 the model saw a new design. MB52 that year turned the model dark red with a bright yellow and white side design. As was common at the time, production of the model used to run for quite a lot of months, and would often roll into the new year before the replacement arrived, as at the time the entire 1-75 series would be produced at once. This model was due to be replaced in 1997 with a new design, but before that happened new wheels arrived. The concave 5-spoke was a new design for 1997 and saw the last production run of metallic red.

5-packs were still produced similar to how they are now. Around half a year. The Escort appeared in 2 packs in 1996. At first a Racing 5-pack in white with a 23 design on it. Later in the year it turned up in the City Life 5-pack too. This was red with a yellow splash on the side with 5 in it. That production for City Life also overlapped the switch to concave 5-spokes, but I am still on the hunt for that one.

The model also saw a unique promotional item too. This MOL model was released in Hungary.

So 1997, and the concave wheels already in play as the 1997 MB52 emerged as it was quite late in the year this one (hence the 1996 red getting the spirals too). This black model therefore was never found with spirals. Only the concave 5-spokes. You do have to remember that a 1997 model was not immediately found at the start of 1997. Much like now, models would filter in through the year, but unlike now, those other ones would also still be produced at the same time.


hey also had a 75 Challenge that year. But each model would appear at different points of the year, and the Escort was right at the start of the year, still sporting the spiral wheels. The 10,000 piece run was completed before the concaves were made. I do own a nice prepro of this one, in the originally planned solid gold. They decided to change it to metal flake very late on.

After 1997 the model was dropped from the basic range worldwide. But it wasn’t quite finished. A 1997 Racing 5-pack was also made with this “3” design model. Then the model was dropped from 5-packs too. It appeared done and dusted, but did pop back one more time for a swansong.

But only if you lived in the UK. In 2000 as part of a 5-way split in the basic range, the UK, German and Australian markets all saw a set of 10 models exclusive to their market. The UK included this MB15 in a sub-set where all 5 models had a Union flag side design. After that the model was retired.

Okay who didn’t see this coming. the new MB1231 ’20 Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake is the latest Mercedes-Benz wagon. What was the last “new” Mercedes-Benz wagon? The MB426 E430. I had to.

Technically, this was released in 1999, but that does make it a Mattel and so it still works in the grand scheme of things. The first issue in dark metallic blue was a German exclusive that year. One of many unique castings created just for the German market in 1999. That was a good range. It was sold as MB68.

In 2000 it was sold as MB38 in white with a EuroTaxi side design, and still it was only in the German market.

In 2001, again the civilian was exclusive to the German market as MB61 in dark green. But another dark green, now with a police light on the roof and Polizei down the sides was also issued, this time in the whole ROW market. It was MB34. Being a police light bar model did mean it garnered a new MAN number, MB476.

In 2002 the police version continued as an ROW exclusive as MB26, and the first 10,000 examples saw a “50” logo added to the front of the model.

And for the first time, a worldwide release. The civilian model was a part of the Weekend Heroes 5-pack and this was the first time the US market had seen the casting in either configuration (civilian or police).

the civilian issue saw its first go in the ROW basic range in 2003. It was sold as MB55 (they even gave you a hint by adding it’s spot in the range in to the tampo), and again being a logo year the first 10,000 saw a “Hero City” logo in the same spot as in 2002.

In 2003 we only saw one E430. This was a police variant again, and this time it was back to being a German exclusive. This silver Polizei model was a part of the Stars of Germany series that year.

And in 2004 the same again. Although the series had now been renamed as Stars of Cars due to having a few non-German models in there, but it was still only sold in the German (and Austrian) market. This time the police variant was sporting a Notarzt design.

For 2005 not a lot changed. German exclusive. Check. Stars of Cars. Check. Notarzt design. Check. Although when you look at the 2 models, they did approach them differently. Instead of the word Notarzt being written in red, it was simply left out of the orange tampo (for a white effect) and black was used for striping and door detailing.

Production also moved from China to Thailand during production too. The model was one of a few that still had a metal body/metal base at the time, and China made models painted the base black, but the Thai one was left unpainted.

2006 saw the civilian model return for one more trip. And this time, just for one, it went worldwide. MB22 in the basic range. Most sport flower wheels, but a late production run switched it to lace. I am still on the hunt for that one personally. Didn’t care at the time, can’t find it now. Typical. It also took one more turn in the Stars of Cars series under the Polizei themed police model.

Which, just like Notarzt seeing more detailing to the side in its second visit, this too saw a more detailed side design for the second release. After this, the casting was retired. It is good to see a new Mercedes-Benz Wagon again.

And that is it. My latest report is done. batch D is done. 2 more brand new castings (Ford Bronco/Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake).

A nice white-yellow set of three.

And the more rounded ones.

I hope you enjoyed the run down and the back dive. Next week another Wheel Collectors delivery will be showcased. Until then, have a safe week and see you next Monday.

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  1. Hello David. Another great update! That Mercedes is a stunner and easily my pick of this batch. Thanks for the multiple blasts from the past with all of the older toys in your collection. I find it very educational because I did not collect Matchbox toys during the years between Lesney and Mattel. Universal and Tyco made some interesting castings over the years.

  2. Hello, David. I was wondering if you remember 2018 when the holden ute was green in the basic range and this years purple one in the first set of the truck series? You stated that we hadn’t seen it since 2013, so I was just bringing it to your attention, unless I’m wrong. I know the truck series technically isn’t basic and just a Walmart exclusive, but still a nice model none the less. By the way, I like your dive back into your collection, alot of models I didn’t know about.

    1. Hi. You are right, it was 2018 not 2013! I must need my eyes tested. I was going through my list of older issues and saw the green one from 2018 and thought it had 2013 on it. Yes, you caught me out. Very well spotted. So it was only 3 years not 8 years since it was last in the basic range. Still a welcome return though. It was also in a 5-pack in 2019 as well as the Walmart Truck series earlier this year.

  3. Also, I think that the white Civic will match up with the white Type-R from the 2019 Mainline series of Hot Wheels. Also, the same goes for the red versions and the black ones(The Hot Wheels Type-R is from 2020 mainline).

  4. For some reason I still haven’t found any of these, after endless months of waiting for my Walmart to bring these in, but apparently they haven’t changed anything for the past 3 months or so, as they still have several of the self driving buses and the blue AMP vans. I hope Mattel gets off their asses and improves their distribution system soon.

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