Inno64 new model : Honda Accord Euro-R CL7 (with many possibilities)

It’s becoming a habit, and I love it. Inno64 news rhythm is intensive, and why would I complain about it. The only problem I see to this is space issues, where my displays are full at a speed I would have never imagined. But isn’t a good problem ? Well, it’s another subject for another time.

Inno64 has already tooled the new Honda Accord CL7 in the Touring Car livery in the Macau GP set of late 2020 (article here). The brand is now offering the street version of the Honda Accord Euro-R CL7. But as far as I love sedan cars, this Euro-R CL7 is really more interesting than it seems. Explications.

When you buy the Honda Accord Euro-R CL7 in street version, you can have choice between the Artic Blue Pearl, and the Nighthawk Black Pearl. With extra decals and extra wheels. Yes! Those extra parts have never been so interesting, because you can either custom your Blue Pearl into a Spoon version, and the Black Pearl into a Mugen version.

I jumped at the occasion to show to you the transformation of the Blue Pearl into a Spoon version, because it is the custom that is in my opinion the most interesting of the 2. The Spoon possibilities bring yellow unique rims, black carbon bonnet, and spoon banners. The Mugen is interesting because of the bronze wheels, but the black bonnet on the black car is less interesting, imo. Except if you are a Mugen fan, of course.

So , for the need, I have 2 Blue Pearl Accord, one I will let purely street and stock, and my Spoon custom I’m pretty proud of. Usually I don’t like to put decals on cars, but this time all went perfectly well, with just not too hot water and tweezers. Decals are good quality, it has to be said. Though the decals are pretty small, and you already understand you’re not 20 years old anymore but 32. You can find some on eBay as usual.

The Spoon customisation is also interesting because it is a good companion for the very recent Honda Accord DC2 in blue with black carbon hood. This Integra comes with Mugen bronze wheels, but I preferred to swap with the white extra wheels. Love it that way.

The casting itself is once again a very pleasant realization by the brand Inno64, with a very impressive paint quality on the blue version. I also love very much the glasses treatment with the black around the plastic. The results is very neat.

The contrasted seats are also very welcome, and give sense to the interior. The wheels are very fine, and I always love to see the brake disks and calipers behind. Once again, I would have preferred a good old transparent base like first Inno models.

In case you’re wondering, the mold is different from the Touring Car model of the Macau GP set, as you see on the photos below. Now, I’m curious to see if Inno64 will offer a street version with an additional wing, to give a sporty look at the car. Oh, and maybe we will see some new race versions too soon.

For now, here are all the Honda Accord Euro-R CL7, both street and race.

For now, you can run on this street Euro-R CL7, that is a very beautiful minicar. I highly suggest you to have fun with a Spoon custom, and I absolutely no regret mine. It’s cool that Inno64 brings more street cars into the mainline, and it is always interesting to see that the DNA of the brand is intact : even if the car is a sedan, it’s a sporty like car. It remains different from what Tomica Limited Vintage is offering for example, and it perfectly works for me. And you ?

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