Majorette says goodbye to 2020 in style with the Mercedes Benz Shop AMG GT R & G500

You know sometimes a model shows up that you just have to have, purely by looks alone? Something with looks, with an interesting colour or livery that really pulls your gaze toward it. Well, after seeing these for the first time I was hooked. Bright colours, attractive castings, a hint of exclusivity.

Available now from the Mercedes Shop (shipping available to the UK until January) these are very good looking diecasts. Even in the box!

The GT R is has always been a strong Majorette casting in my opinion, and these brand shop versions have small twists to make them stand out. Firstly the packaging, blacked out with AMG branding and an exclusive version of the collectors card. The “AMG Green Hell Magno” (it’s even printed under the barcode) version has been seen before in the Premium line, but this version adds more attractive 8 spoke wheels to the mix. The “AMG Solarbeam” yellow version on the other hand is a totally new colourway for the GT R, and I am totally in love with it. The colours on these are gorgeous, especially when the light catches them. Both feature opening doors and some smart details.

The Mercedes G500 is another solid Majorette casting worthy of a place on your shelves. The exclusive colour here is the gorgeous “G Manufaktur Hyazinthrot Metallic” but both colours look fantastic. The G500 is a really chunky and well modelled diecast, and the blacked out wheels look fantastic with these colours. The only criticism I have is the opening bonnet doesn’t open fully, instead it catches on the body, rendering it a little bit redundant. But otherwise these new G-Wagens are very welcome and very awesome new additions to my collection. Currently the G-Wagens aren’t listed on the shop site, but I am told they are to be added imminently.

Shipping is available for Germany, Sweden and for now, the UK. But the impending Brexit disaster means the Mercedes Shop will no longer be shipping to Blighty at the end of the year, so grab these now. And If you’re a Majorette or Mercedes fan you’ll not be disappointed. This entire set is that good in my opinion that it’s made it into my upcoming 2020 highlights post which is dropping very soon, so look out for it there and see what else makes my list!

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  1. If that’s any help? Tk Maxx have some more Majo in stock. I found a Renault Australian post van and many more what isn’t supposed to be in the UK…. How?… Why?… Worth a look tho… Strange some Tk maxx’s stock different item’s… Siku and Mbx 5 packs too.

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