Preview: Matchbox 2021 Mix 3

I’ve gotten some nice feedback about my outdoor videos. That is a nice thing, even though I enjoy doing them so much that bad feedback probably wouldn’t deter me from stopping.

This one was a favorite. I found myself in the lower southeast portion of Utah, in and around the area called Bear’s Ears. Bear’s Ears has been in the news a lot the last few years, as it was designated a National Monument by President Obama and shrunk by President Trump, making it sadly an area of focused political strife. Thankfully, while the politics garnered a ton of attention, this area has remained strife-free, serene, quiet, and stunning. It probably is no surprise that I fall on the side of protecting this land at all costs, and being here, experiencing the beauty, only solidifies that.

I parked myself opposite Comb Ridge, which you can see in the background. A few years earlier my brother and I hiked to the edge of Comb Ridge, looking down on that spot where I filmed, plus north into what eventually becomes Canyonlands and south towards Arizona and Monument Valley.

I don’t think the best way to celebrate this land is blabbering on about how cool these new Matchbox cars are, but I did. And they surely merit that excitement, as this is a very cool batch. Matchbox continues dropping a cool new classic in each batch, with the ’79 Nova following the Capri and Savoy in the previous mixes. Add a nice group of licensed castings and this is a fantastic release.

Enjoy the video.

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  1. Yes, the old MB12c Land Rover was originally issued in a similar shade of green to the new issue, so a welcome a nod to the past. Good to see a chrome base on the MGB GT, definitely better than the grey plastic of the orange one.
    Hope to be seeing case B in the UK in the next few weeks, then this one for May if Tesco get their ordering in gear.

  2. My journey to Tesco won’t look that good!/…. Absolutely beautiful. One day I would love to travel and tour USA . Hope to see this mbx mix soon.

  3. It’s astounding what a difference the chrome base makes. I was lukewarm on the MGB debut, but this one is a stunner, and I think it’s largely down to the chrome. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, license plates really give these cars that extra little shot of realism and I love when they make those a part of the tampo art on these cars.

    Really excited for most of these, so the hunt is on. I spent a good month or so with the yellow CVCC riding around on the dashtop of my car where I could see it every day, so I’m excited for the new white one. This is a really strong batch. I lucked out and found either the first or second mix of the year (not sure which it was) in its entirety on a first-thing-in-the-morning trip to my local Walmart, so I’m hoping that luck carries over.

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