When Hobbies Collide: Hot Wheels Mario Kart Gliders Bowser… and Headwear

The Hot Wheels Mario Kart line just keeps expanding. For 2021, they introduced a new line of Karts, this time the “glider” versions. In the newer games, when you go off a jump, the Karts essentially sprout gliders so you can float through the air more. You can select different glides based on characters chosen and such. Honestly I don’t know if selecting different ones affects your gliding ability, but it’s a neat visual effect nonetheless. So it was the next natural progression for the diecast line to include these gliders.

All that’s missing is the fire. Maybe some hammers.

In the first batch, they had Mario on a Standard Kart and Super Glider, Yoshi in the Sport Coupe and Parafoil, Toad in the P-Wing and Plane Glider, and this Bowser on Standard Kart and Bowser Kite. I’ve been impatiently waiting for a Bowser on Standard Kart release, too, so this was a must-have for me.

Gliding through the air with the greatest of ease…
That hat might be a bit big for you, King of the Koopas

To add to the madness of my hobbies, I’ve been really big into hats the last year or two. I mentioned it in my 2020 year end article that for some reason I have a love of the Mario series villains. So of course I have a number of hats featuring the penultimate Mario bad guy (though me may not be the real bad guy, but that’s another story… thanks MatPat and Game Theory). And with two of my Bowser hats readily available, figured why not showcase them together?

You’d think these were done from the same Nintendo stock image… well almost.
Something old, something new, nothing borrowed, and no to blue

So, while I’ve been grabbing a bunch of the Mario Kart releases (not all… the Mach 8 kart is ugly as hell and always thought the Sneaker was stupid), at $7 each here in the states these glider releases will be quite limited in my collection. But I definitely had to get this Bowser release. For the love of villainy!

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  1. I have them all!! I’m trying to collect them for the nostalgia. Just missing the green yoshi standard kart!!

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