A winter drive with two Alpine equipped Porsches.

Advanced warning: this article is photo heavy. Rather than harping on too much about my beloved Majorette and Schuco, I think these two are cool enough to let their looks do the talking. There’s something very cool about fast cars with roof racks. And these two have tapped into that perfectly.

This feature has been en route for some time. The 356 has been one I have been gunning to cover for a while but I was waiting for the inevitable Lake District mountain snowfalls before I gave it tme in the limelight. And when the first flurries hit the hilltops I was out, and I took along another suitably equipped companion: the 911 Carrera S from Majorette’s Porsche Premium Deluxe range.

This 356 has got to be one of most understated cool releases of 2020. The classic Porsche is a stalwart of the various Schuco ranges, and the addition of a very detailed little luggage rack and skis have given this 1/64 it a fitting twist for the winter. Details and decals are as good as can be expected, and my example rolls very well indeed. And it looked *so* at home in the mountains.

The Majorette Carrera S makes a perfect sister car for the 356, and is one of the brilliant six car Premium Deluxe set I covered in August. The blue example with the surfboard was a very neat thing and this yellow version uses a variation of the clever roof rack this time housing a pair of skis, perfect for a blast up (then slide down!) the Alps.

I think it’s a great casting, very good looking in this colour and the wheels work so well. It’s a casting that like a few Majorettes perhaps would benefit from a touch of paint on the door and bonnet edges but otherwise I’m a real fan. And like it’s Schuco counterpart, it looked rather good in the great outdoors.

Both of these models worked their way into my 2020 highlights with ease. It’s been a great year for both brands and 2021 will surely be even better.

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(Find the Schuco 356 at the brand shop and on Ebay, find the Majorette 911 at their store and Ebay)

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