Lamley Awards 2020: Majorette’s incredible group of Porsche 911 Carrera S models

I think this is a first. I have never dedicated an entire Lamley Awards features to just one model. But the Majorette Porsche 911 Carrera S is a very worthy first.

The overall theme of 2020 in our world? One that I will repeat over and over? 2020 sucked for just about everything BUT diecast, and 1/64 thrived. Majorette is another example. They kept landing cool casting after cool casting, but put their own stamp on things with their foray into accessories, moving parts, and small tweaks. Nothing incapsulated that more than the Porsche Carrera S.

It starts with the fact that Majorette nailed the casting. Porsches are not easy to replicate in small scale, and like many diecast companies, Majorette had whiffed before. Speaking of whiffs, Majorette’s wheels have always generated a lot of complaints, and the Carrera showcases just how far Majorette has come. Then move to the colors, the opening parts, and especially the ski and surfboard racks. These models hit every point, and for what Majorette does could not be more perfect. I would call the blue and yellow models with the roof racks as must-haves for ANY collector.

So good I dedicated an entire video to them. Enjoy.

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