Lamley Awards 2020: 10 and 10 for 2020, by Doomus_RLC

While I’m new around these parts (for being a writer anyway), John still wanted my input of my top 10 of 2020. Through discussions with the majority of the writing team, we decided that we’d do a top 10 releases of 2020, and a top 10 items we added to the collection in 2020. Now, my top 10s will likely look quite different from my fellow writers, partially because I’m still 5 years old at heart. I like the oddball or two.

So I’ll shut up and get to why you’re here. PICTURES!

Top 10 2020 releases

Hot Wheels Car Culture ’91 GMC Syclone

Marlboro Red!

This is a casting I’ve been hoping Hot Wheels would for a while. And luckily it landed in premium its first year. I love the look of this Marlboro edition (well, reminiscent of it), a cool choice to throw off what many likely expected to actually be the first premium release.

Hot Wheels Car Culture Ford RS200

Group B legend!

Another car I’ve been wanting to see Hot Wheels do, this rally legend was probably my most anticipated new casting of the year. While I’ve seen a number of complaints online regarding the size of the wheels proportionate to the body, I still love this thing.

Hot Wheels Fast and Furious Premium ’61 Chevy Impala

Muscle boat!

I couldn’t care less about the Fast and Furious franchise, I just like the cars. When the ’61 Impala casting debuted in 2012, it became an instant favorite of mine and I had to have them all. Until this release, the 2013 Cool Classics was my favorite, but this super clean red one takes the top spot for sure.

Hot Wheels ’70 Volkswagen Beetle Tooned

It’s just so cute!

Here’s where my childish love of cars comes into play. I’ve liked most of the “tooned” castings Hot Wheels has done since 2004, and this one is no different. Yes that white one is a bit worn out because I often brought that one with me everywhere. I’m fidgety (cars are my fidget spinner), and like I said earlier, I’m 5.

Hot Wheels Big Air Bel Air

Baja runner!

Brendon Vetuskey does another off-the-wall Tri-Five Chevy, this time a ’56 done as a off road runner. The details he put into this thing are amazing. Since he’s doing a real ’55 gasser, maybe he’ll do a real one of these? Can’t wait to see what he may do with a ’57!

Hot Wheels ID ’69 Camaro COPO


Yet another Camaro, and yet another iteration of the ’69 model. This time of the special order drag strip killer. Green is my favorite color (thanks Type O Negative), and the paint on these ID cars is pretty neat to me. Yea the wheels leave a bit to be desired, but that’s ID for you.

Hot Wheels Mario Kart Dry Bones on Standard Kart

Dry Bones is a jerk.

Again, I’m 5. I really like this Mario Kart series Hot Wheels is doing, and Dry Bones is one of my favorite enemies of the franchise. The colors used on this just make it pop to me. Waiting for a Bowser and Waluigi on Standard Kart releases…

Johnny Lightning Street Freaks ’64 Buick Rivieras Zingers

Quite the opposite of a lowrider…

I’ve always loved these exaggerated street rods from Johnny Lightning. Decided to list both colors here because, well this is my list and I’ll do what I want. Black and green together, it just looks great (again, thanks Type O Negative). Of the 3 pairs of Zingers from this year, this was easily my favorite.

Matchbox Moving Parts ’32 Ford Pickup

Simpler is often better!

I’m really liking this Moving Parts line, as this line just reminds me of being a kid (plus RRs don’t fit the Matchbox castings all that well to me… but that’s another story). This truck being done in black just fits perfectly, and the few trim details added just make it look great. Plus it’s one of the few times both sizes of the disc wheels have been used on a single casting.

Hot Wheels Entertainment Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party Wagon

Woohoo Google search for the pic: screen shot from the “Hot Rodding Teenagers From Dimension X” episode where the van made it’s debut

OK, I’m cheating a bit here because… well, I don’t actually have one yet. When the casting debuted for SDCC in 2019, I was hoping that release would end up on HWC eventually, but it never happened. Yes this retail release doesn’t have the turtle figures added but I still love this thing. The cartoon series and early 1990s movies were staples in my childhood (as well as The Real Ghostbusters cartoon series, that was another favorite entertainment casting of mine from several years ago; hoping it makes a return at some point), and I remember the episode they converted Baxter Stockman’s van into their Party Wagon. I absolutely love this thing, and I still don’t have one, haha.

Top 10 items added in 2020

Greenlight Bigfoot

OG monster truck!

Before the Covid world, I finally grabbed this one, buying two at a local hobby store. Definitely regretted waiting so long to get it, but glad I did.

Hot Wheels Flying Customs and Super Chromes S’Cool Buses

Perfect triplets

I’ve had carded ones of these for years, but finally added a loose set. The 2006 Target throwback lines were honestly an awesome set, and the S’cool Bus probably topped them all.

Johnny Lighting Street Freaks Chevy Corvair Zinger

Nose Art FTW

Johnny Lightning’s Zingers are crazy, and the Corvair is probably the craziest idea they did for the line. 2017 saw 4 of these Corvairs, all with the same deco just different colors. The deco on these is some of my favorite out of the JL camp.

Hot Wheels 100% ’57 Plymouth Fury Pro Stock

Ferocious Fury

Hands down one of my favorite castings of the Legends/Cool Collectibles/100% line, this was the second and last release of this awesome Fury. Was luckily able to add one that didn’t have paint damage from the rubber bands.

Hot Wheels Cool Collectibles Hummer

Hot Hummer

I mean, who wouldn’t love a H1 in flames? The only non-stock look of the casting.

Hot Wheels 100% ’57 Ford Ranchero

Truck-car, what are you?

Another of my favorite castings to come out of the Legends/Cool Collectibles/100% line, I’ve been meaning to add this flat gray Ranchero for years. Finally did.

Hot Wheels 100% ’53 Chevy Lowrider, Rock N Road boxset

Miss these cars…

Hot wheels did 3 or 4 posable Lowrider castings in their Cool Collectibles line, and this ’53 Chevy was probably the oddest one. The Rock N Road boxset was a great throwback set to the days of Gene Winfield and other custom car garages, and this ’53 Chevy was the best in the box.

Johnny Lightning Lightning Rods ’70 Dodge Super Bee Zinger

Looks like a tree ornament…

I remember seeing this Lightning Rods line in stores… not sure why I ignored them at the time. They did 3 Zingers in the series, this Super Bee easily being the best one in my eyes. JL’s version of spectra/candy paint, clear tires, what’s not to like?

Hot Wheels Hummer H2, 2010 mainline, gold wheel variation

Yea it’s still carded… it’s not getting opened. Been after this variation for 10 years. Thanks to a poorly lit pictures on eBay, I added it cheap. Super happy to get this one!

Hot Wheels Since ’68 Top 40 Heavy Chevy single release

The Since ’68 line is probably my favorite Hot Wheels premium line of the last 20 years. Later releases of the series were hard to get, this Heavy Chevy being one of them. Finally added it to the collection over the summer.

BONUS: Hot Wheels NASCAR Racing Tail Draggers

OK, bonus add for the year, full set of NASCAR Tail Draggers from Hot Wheels. Wish they could do deco this way still for premium.

And that’s it… Is it the most exciting list among the writers here? Probably not. But hey, I’m an oddball. I love extreme heavy metal, walk around wearing flat-brimg hats with Bowser and Marvin Martian embroidery, an avid amateur bowler, and collect these tiny diecast cars. The list was bound to get a little… weird, haha

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  1. Have many of these in my collection also. My fav of these favorites is the ranchero that I have wanted re-issued in the mainline. I have not found the ID camaro, but the falken mustang ID car is head and shoulders above most super thunts IMO. And that 61 impala needs a new 59 and 60 to go with it. Jl’s 64 gto needs to be in your list too.

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