Lamley Daily: M2’s 1973 Chevy Cheyenne 10 Coke Bottle Special

Model: 1973 Chevrolet Cheyenne 10 Coke Bottle Special

Line: 2020 Coke line, model A04. Limited to 8,850 pieces

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Why it’s in my collection: Squarebody Chevys are among the hottest of the hot right now. Nearly every major diecast brand is pumping out their unique take on Chevy’s classic pickups (be sure to check out ChampionDJK’s recent AutoWorld Squarebody feature), and they are coming in all conceivable shapes and sizes. From slammed to lifted, stock to wild customs, there’s a Squarebody for nearly all tastes — and this truck hits collectors right in the sweet tooth.

Enter the 1973 C-10 Coke Bottle Special from M2.

M2’s take on the classic ’73 Chevy truck is just right. The stance is low, but not too low. The simple white paint job paired with Coke’s 1969 It’s the Real Thing! campaign slogan on the doors and hood, really lets the sharp lines of the truck breathe. The red matching steelies with white-lined tires really pull the look together…but the real eye-grabber is stationed in the bed.

The bed holds a giant Coke bottle display held up by its own stand — it reminds me of a vintage promotional truck that would be used for events like parades or store openings. I can also picture a modern version powered by an LT4, sitting on a Roadster Shop chassis, parked in a booth at the SEMA Show.

It’s such a rad piece! I really appreciate how M2 turned one of the hottest diecast vehicles into a unique piece of advertising memorabilia, and am really crossing my fingers we get a Dr. Pepper Squarebody 🏁

Unboxing and turn-table video of the Coke C-10:

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