Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Datsun 200SX

Model: Datsun 200SX

Release: Mainline/The Hot Ones

eBay link: Hot Wheels Datsun 200SX

Why I am featuring it: This piece of 80s nostalgia was a recent find. It’s easy to forget that Japanese cars were modeled by Hot Wheels way before the current JDM boom. A couple of months ago I showcased a Blackwall Toyota Supra from my collection; here’s a  two-door contemporary from Datsun.

2020-08-12 11.45.30

The Larry Wood-designed 200SX – Hot Wheels’ second Datsun after the Z-Whiz – joined the lineup a year before the Supra, in 1982. It was initially released in yellow and made in Hong Kong.

2020-08-12 11.44.50

I believe my gold metalflake Hot Ones issue is from a year later, by which time production had switched to Malaysia (it was also made in Mexico and India). To my knowledge the model was not issued beyond 1985, but I don’t have much info on this model please comment below if you know more!


Sold in Japan as the S110-generation Silvia, the real car wasn’t a great looker in my eyes but even so, I’m not sure that Hot Wheels did the 200SX justice. The model does however have a ton of period charm, which is why I bought it. There should be an opening hood, but mine refuses to cooperate, as you can see in the picture.

2020-08-12 11.44.34

To finish, I put it with the Supra and the 300ZX, which was first issued in 1985. They make a nice trio!

2020-08-12 11.46.25

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  1. I remember when this car was released. The casting was around for only about 3 years. It also came in white, yellow (set car), and maroon (Canada). Love the ‘82 Supra. This was JDM a good 15-20 years before the F&F phenomenon. Oh, how I miss the days of metal bases in the HW mainline….

  2. Interesting. I had no knowledge of this model. Looks like it would fit right in with the current line of Flying Customs at Target. I agree, that Hot Wheels didn’t do this car justice. It doesn’t look too bad from the side, but one person’s nostalgic charm is another’s gaudy excess. I’m not sure I could get past that paint job and deco to bring this one into my collection.

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