Lamley Daily: Matchbox Florida Highway Patrol Ford LTD

Model: Ford LTD (Crown Victoria)

Release: 1997 Premiere World Class

eBay link: Matchbox Premiere Ford LTD

Why I am featuring it: The mid-80s is my favourite era of Matchbox. As a kid, it felt like every new casting was a winner. I bought the first release of the MB184 Ford LTD (Crown Victoria) police car when it joined the range in 1987 and have accumulated a few different ones since, but this Premiere World Class release from a decade later, in authentic Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) deco, is the one I like best.

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Print Collection
Credit: State Library and Archives of Florida (


Here it is with the debut release from the basic 1-75 Miniatures range, which is also pretty nice, but you can see the difference that the Premiere’s extra detailing makes.

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For completists, there are three different casting numbers attached to the Matchbox Ford LTD. In addition to the police car, which stuck around until 2000, there was a taxi spin-off (MB235) and a plain-roof version (MB467) that appeared as part of the Character Cars line in 2000, in blue with a Jim Carrey figure from Ace Ventura Pet Detective. That one was a bit of a stretch given that he drove a 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo in the movie!


In addition to FHP, there are two other nice Premiere versions of the Ford, in the state police colours of Virginia and New Jersey. Like most of the Premiere releases, they can all be found for under $10, which makes them terrific value.

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  1. With one of my childhood friends now in the FHP (while I live in VA; he and his family split their time between VA and FL), I am going to have to get this one, along with the VSP release. It’s a shame these two states can’t be done in the current lineup, due to current budget restrictions that would prevent the way the roof was painted. Especially when the California HP has been done umpteen times in the lineup, and Illinois State Police twice.

  2. The LTD models are some of my favorite MB. When it debuted with the 2 color light I was instantly hooked. Then add the Premiere versions and badda bing badda boom, ooh la la. The perfect combo.

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