Lamley Daily: gold Matchbox Range Rover Sport

Model: MB691 Range Rover Sport

Release: 2009 MB38

eBay link: Matchbox Range Rover Sport

Why it is in the collection: Because somebody told me not to bother with this particular Walmart (I ignored them).

The year was 2009. Obviously, that was when it was sold. I try to come up with different scenarios for my trips to USA and this particular year I headed out to visit with a certain Mr Lambert (the “Lam” to my “Ley” in Lamley). The plan was we were going to take a road trip together. Usually he would either take members of his family (usually daughters) or he would go alone. This time he was dragging this odd English guy with him, who wanted to stop at every single store that could possibly sell Matchbox on the way. Okay if we had done that, we might have missed the Gathering. You have to pick and choose.

But every time we headed past a certain store without stopping off I would think “was that the one that had new stuff in”. You can never tell. The things is, he knew the area fairly well. He often heads out along the route and has a fair idea on how certain stores would be. We would drive by a store and he would be saying no, because of “x” reason or “y” reason. But we were about to head to an area that was very limited with anything and at a final Walmart, I wanted to stop anyway so we did.

As we were heading in, he mentioned that this particular store was never one for stocking well. They never have anything new in. Well; he was right. This was July 2009. I was busy trying to fill up with batch H. It had just arrived and I was looking to get them all before I headed back home to the UK. We walked down the toy aisle, and there was…. batch B. Yeah that was a bit old.

But I was undeterred. I was still going to go through them anyway. You see I am extra-nerd. Way beyond John Lambert levels or nerdiness. I rifled through the models and pulled these 2 out. Wow look! I exclaimed. His face was totally nonplussed. You could almost hear his inner thoughts going “it’s 2 gold Range Rovers”. I was all giddy. I was loving it.

I know many people don’t care a lick about a shade variation, but we are all different, and we all have different ways of collecting whatever we collect. As we were leaving I was sitting there going “we could have missed out on these”. He was still nonplussed.

Whenever I get these 2 gold Range Rover Sports out, I am reminded of that little road trip in 2009 and stopping off at a few places to hunt for stuff. These were the 2 star finds for me. You ask John and he would still be saying “it’s 2 gold Range Rovers”.

It’s one of the things I love about trips to USA. Matchbox is found in an abundance of places. Although Walmart is not exactly the smallest of places to find it. But I always seem to find a lot more unusual stuff whenever I am over there.

I am definitely looking forward to going back next year. I had plans for this year. I have literally just lifted them all up and placed them down in next July. I am already looking forward to July 2021 and hope to find more unusual things to add to my collection either to, at or from the convention.

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  1. I wasn’t collecting much in 2009, so don’t have this particular release in my collection. I do however have the 2017 “Best Of” release in pale metallic green. It’s a nice casting. My only gripe on that one is the tires appear a bit too low profile. Here they look more in proportion.

  2. I used to have this color variation when it was brand new. Back in 2009, I was only 12 years old and I was determined to have every mainline release for that year, even if I didn’t like the casting. I even had a booklet with the whole mainline and checked off every one that I found. I also opened everything (and I mean everything), played with them, and then displayed them on glass shelves that I still have to this day. Unfortunately I don’t have any of the 2009 Matchboxes from childhood anymore. I sold them all in lots on eBay several years ago but I have acquired a few of my favorites online mint in the package. I can’t find this particular variation and if I do, they want big bucks for it. It’s amazing how valuable the golden age Matchboxes really are. It’s hard to find one under $10, especially castings like the Audi RS6 Avant, VW Gold GTi, Audi R8, Land Rover Defender 110, etc. Most of these go for $25 or more. Anything Range Rover is insanely expensive, especially the very first edition and the following colors!

  3. I can totally imagine John’s “nonplussed” look lol.

    2008-09 was right around the time I started collecting Matchbox. I had them since a few years before but 08-09 was when I got serious. I don’t remember coming across this gold Range Rover, or any of other cars I wanted, but I’m sure it must’ve been there as Matchbox used to be available plentiful during that time. 11 years later and I still haven’t been able to add a Range Rover Sport to my collection.

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