Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Hot Ones Ferrari GTO

Model: Ferrari 288 GTO

Release: Hot Wheels 2011 The Hot Ones

Ebay Link: Hot Wheels Hot Ones Ferrari GTO

Why I am featuring it: The Hot Ones series in 2011 and 2012 had some really cool cars in it with vintage Hot Wheels decos. It is a nod to the original Hot Ones mainline sub-series that came out in the early 80’s. The castings that we used in this throwback style series were hit and miss. This one is a hit for sure. It looks fantastic with the retro deco and black wall wheels. This version is what was in the 2011 series. There is a chase version out there that has “THE HOT ONES” printed on the wheels in red. Also, there is a black one that was put out in the 2012 series that is a lot tougher to get an affordable price. The casting is one of my favorite Hot Wheels Ferrari castings and pretty much all of the variations of it that have been released are desired by many collectors.

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  1. Very, very nice indeed!
    I actually found the red Chase in a ToyRUs once. Because I was picking up my collection habit (as well as the expenses that coincide), I had to hide some excess purchases in my car until they were smuggled in the house to a ‘safe spot’!
    In doing so, the GTO would be shuffled about in plastic bags & the card became accidentally bent in the process .. #%*?&@x .. it was a bad day.

    But I recently acquired another in nice shape from Evil-bay though, along with a couple other Ferraris’s in the same lot. Can’t have too many HW’s Ferrari’s in your collection!

    Now.. if Mattel can only get the license back…

  2. I never saw any of the Hot Ones waves that had any Ferrari in Ottawa. I did find the Phil’s Garage of the 288 GTO in red at retail plus I later traded some Road Racers for one in silver, so I do have a few premium examples of the 288 GTO casting, but I still wish I had the Hot Ones versions.

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