Tomica Toyota Corolla Touring With A Razor Sharp Katana

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The latest Toyota Corolla Touring and Suzuki Katana are the fourth instalment for Tomica 2020 Red Box release. There are four Red Boxes this month because the Suzuki Katana is supposed to be a March release but it was delayed. Hence the No.27 Hitachi Loading Shovel is release together with the pair of Tomica Premium Hakosuka on the second batch which I will feature in my next article.

No.24 Toyota Corolla Touring with First Color

The Toyota Corolla Touring a.k.a Corolla Estate is definitely one of the most stylish estate cars around. The sharp looks at the front and curvy rear gives the hybrid Corolla a very distinctive look and function as a great family estate car. In 1/63 scale, Tomica totally nailed the look and aesthetics of the actual Corolla. 

What really stands out for me is the body color in Navy Blue and Pearl White (Limited First Color Release). They looks sleek, polished and premium in gloss finish. And because it’s a family car, it comes with button wheels instead of racing with standard factory suspension. I’m disappointed that the Corolla does not have any opening features and the headlights are painted instead of plastic.

Regardless, it’s still a great looking estate-car and the striking look is a joy to add for Toyota Corolla collectors.

No.19 Suzuki Katana

The Suzuki Katana is a retro re-boot and a return of the classic icon with a modern take on the 1982 GSX 1100 S edition and is striking in the flesh. The newly revived Katana in 1/32 also comes with a rider with a streetfighter-like riding position with a lot of custom painting potential which I will paint it. It is also a heavy casting with majority of the body in diecast and minimum ABS parts.

Construct of the free-standing Katana is well thought of with body able to fit nicely on the base together with the rider flawlessly without compromising the look. What really stands out for me is the pair of rubber wheels a bonus for Tomica Redbox which looks like the real deal.

I don’t really go for bike in my collection but at 1/32 it pairs well with my 1/12 S.H Figuarts GSX400 Katana and for the price of the Redbox together with the rider the delay is totally worth it. 

(Find Tomica Toyota Corolla on eBay)

Stay tuned for the next Tomica feature meanwhile you can find Hot Kustoms in IG or you can check out my unboxing video.

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  1. While I’d hazard against calling that Corolla estate a sleeper (this sort of car is Tomica’s bread-n-butter), it’s definitely the sideshow to the Suzuki main event. It just wins. Everything that’s good about the CBR Fireblade is still here on the Katana, but now with a rider mould that makes more sense. Now to see what else they make in the bike front. Kawasaki Ninja H2R? Yamaha YZF-R1? The legendary high-speed Hayabusa? MotoGP bikes?

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