Lamley Daily : Mini GT McLaren Senna

Model: McLaren Senna Orange/White LHD

Line: Mini GT mainline, n°81

eBay link: McLaren Senna Mini GT

Why its in my collection: the McLaren Senna is my favorite casting from Mini GT. They nailed it ! Its is a very strange car that is for sure a real nightmare for any designer. The lines are complicated, as well as the glasses, not to mention the lights and this big wing.

I think that you may adore or hate this car. I started in the second category, I hated it. And then it has grown on me, and it is now my favorite supercar (or hypercar, who knows).

I believe it is the 4th version of the mainline, non counting the white special edition. An amazing purple with yellow touches is probably the next one. Yes.

Of course this version of the McLaren Senna should bring back memories for many racing fans. It is a direct inspiration of the famous Formula One cars of the 90’s by McLaren, with iconic Marlboro sponsors.

Sadly minicars can’t wear the official sponsor such as cigarettes. It is even more true today, so naturally this inspired version is just wearing an orange fluorescent robe, but you know at first sight what it means.

Photos don’t do justice to the real color of the car. I really insist that it is almost fluorescent. And it is cool.

I really suggest you to get this amazing version in your collection, bringing back memories and for sure adding colors in displays. Happy hunting!

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    1. Yeah, the ride height is the deal breaker for me, while Tomica’s version suffers from overly thick profile tires. Hot Wheels did it best.

    2. Agree on the right height, it’s one of MiniGTs few real misses lately, their other stuff has been better. I know the real car can raise the ride height, but it still looks “off”.

  1. I’m not worried about the ride height: I’m going to add this and the chase, along with they Onyx black model.

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